Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars image and release date leaked


Disney has something big with the Disney Infinity franchise. It features popular characters from the Disney and Marvel universe where you can transport the collectible figures into the video game world. Now they are stepping it up with the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0 game by using Star Wars characters. Thanks … Continue reading

Splatoon Wii U bundle coming May 29


Nintendo of America announced a new bundle will be releasing on May 29th. The Splatoon deluxe set will include a 32gb Wii U system, a download code for Nintendo’s newest multiplayer shooter Splatoon, and Nintendo Land pre-installed on the system. The bundle will retail for $299.99 and will be available at Best Buy stores and online via BestBuy.com. … Continue reading

Star Wars The Force Trainer II: Hologram and 20Q Jedi Holocron


Star Wars Celebration is upon us, and for those of us lucky enough to be in Anaheim, we get to see all the new gadgets, fashion, and toys that are premiering this year. One such product is the 20Q Artificial Intelligence cube from Uncle Milton under their Star Wars Science … Continue reading

Fans gather for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers action vinyl launch event in LA


On Thursday April 9th, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans gathered at Alternate Universe in Los Angeles, California, for the launch of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers action vinyls from The Loyal Subjects.  Fans from all over the LA county gathered not only to purchase the not-yet-released toys, but also to meet with fellow Power Rangers … Continue reading

Better look at upcoming Mega Man X figure from TruForce Collectibles


Last year, Capcom released the above image as an April fool’s joke that left fans thinking a new Mega Man X was coming. Well a few months later it was announced that the image drawn by Keisuke Mizuno (Maverick Hunter X) would be releasing in the form of a figure by … Continue reading

WonderCon 2015: Kotobukiya showcases 2015 releases


Every year at WonderCon, Kotobukiya holds a panel showcasing what fans can expect to this year. Kotobukiya’s Dan Lujan hosted the panel, showcased the upcoming collectibles from a variety of licenses, and also talked about the recent port issues that have caused some delays in releases. For Cardcaptor Sakura fans, … Continue reading

Jeremy Renner makes an amazing Hawkeye Hot Toys figure


Avengers: Age of Ultron will arrive in theaters soon, and Hot Toys has something for everyone with an assortment of 1/6 scale figures featuring characters from the movie including this dashing Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye figure. The detail on this piece is amazing from the photos shown, including the facial features. It’s like having your own … Continue reading

Nintendo showcases upcoming Amiibo at Wondercon 2015


Nintendo’s booth at WonderCon was jam packed full of games to play, including the full version of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros, and a demo of the upcoming Splatoon game. But, the amiibo display case was probably the booth’s biggest draw. … Continue reading

Tamashii Nations set to release Avengers: Age of Ultron S.H. Figuarts line


The two months leading up to the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron have been filled with some amazing statues and figures being shown from companies like Good Smile, Kotobukiya, and Sideshow Collectibles, and now we take a look at the upcoming S.H. Figuarts Avengers line from Tamashii Nations. The … Continue reading

These are the Star Wars Play Arts Kai figures you are looking for


The Square Enix Play Arts Kai line is traveling to a galaxy far, far away to release some amazingly designed Star Wars figures. These will surely have fans joining the Dark Side. Square Enix has released a few images of the upcoming Star Wars figures including the most iconic villains: Darth … Continue reading

Ness is one of three more amiibo confirmed as store exclusives


No one could imagine the horrors that would come with Nintendo releasing store exclusive amiibo for the Super Smash Bros. line only in North America. First we learned GameStop would be releasing Xenoblade’s Shulk as an exclusive, which made sense since the game was originally released only via GameStop. Rosalina was a … Continue reading

Yoshi’s Woolly World will have Yoshi amiibo made from yarn

yoshgi amiibo

In today’s Nintendo Direct, a whole of assortment of amiibo figures were announced including some really cute and fluffy Yoshi amiibo made from yarn. With the release of Yoshi’s Woolly World, Nintendo thought it would be fun to release these very unique and cute Yoshi amiibo that will work just like … Continue reading

Loki and Falcon join Disney Infinity 2.0 today

falcon loki disney infinity

Loki and Falcon are now both available for Disney Infinity 2.0, and they are compatible with the Marvel’s Avengers Play Set and Toy Box 2.0. Loki The Loki figure has the god of mischief sporting his yellow horned helm, flowing green cape and scepter. This version has more similarities to … Continue reading

Fantastic Four flees from the Force!


Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII was recently revealed to have a release date of May 26th 2017. However it’s also known that 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot would be releasing a week later on June 2nd 2017. In lieu of this information, Fox has now pushed their release date another … Continue reading

Life-size Hulkbuster could be yours for just $21,500


One of the key Avengers: Age of Ultron images that has every fanboy drooling is the fight between the Hulk and Iron Man’s Hulkbuster. The Hulkbuster suit was especially created as a precaution for when the Avengers would ever need to take on the Hulk. The character model is already being licensed … Continue reading

Ghostbusters: The Board Game goes beyond expectations! (Kickstarter)


Ghostbusters: The Board Game launched in early February 2015 through its spread of awareness. Thanks to the media and social media, it has gone beyond the estimated $250,000 requirement for development and achieved more than $1.3 million in backed funds. For those who are casual fans of Ghostbusters, you would be … Continue reading

Cards Against Humanity is now free to play online (update)


If you’ve ever played card games, you’ll most likely be familiar with Cards Against Humanity. It’s basically the adult version of Mad Libs, but you’re utilizing all the raunchy sentences or words on the cards. Which makes for the most hilarious of experiences with your friends. Cards Against Humanity has its original … Continue reading

Marvel vs DC: More super heroes in film equal success? 

Marvel vs DC 8

With the additions of these popular DC characters (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and possibly Cyborg) into WB/DC’s movie next year, why do people complain about Batman vs Superman having too many heroes? But then give a thumbs up when Captain America: Civil War adds more and more heroes to the roster? This … Continue reading

Nendoroid Darth Vader and Stormtroopers are ready to conquer the Galaxy


The Dark Lord and his band of Stormtroopers are coming to the world of Nendoroids. Good Smile Company just released these promotional images of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper displaying the full power of the Galactic Empire. The Vader nendoroid even comes with a petite red Lightsaber and mini Death Star. … Continue reading

Marth Amiibo to be restocked at retailers in late April


We’ve talked about amiibo for some time now, and a few of us here at Nerd Reactor have felt the terror of collecting them. Like many others it’s very tough to collect them all, thanks to limited quantities and scalpers. Even pre-orders go insanely fast. Luckily stores have started to restrict … Continue reading