Immersive Experiences

Last Call Theatre’s The Showroom Is a Choose Your Own Adventure Murder Mystery in North Hollywood

Someone has been murdered inside an Infinite IKEA, a mysterious furniture unit with trapped inhabitants. Some have been trapped for years, and others for just a few months. I was

The Empire Strips Back, a Star Wars Burlesque Parody, Is Out of This World at Hollywood’s The Montalbán

Star Wars is a popular sci-fi franchise that has given fans iconic characters like Darth Vader, Princess, Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, and C-3PO. Burlesque shows are known to

’40 Watts From Nowhere’ Had Us DJing a ’90s Pirate Radio Station

It’s the ’90s, and I’m inside an on-air studio looking at the many selections of music inside. There are plenty of CDs and vinyl records available to choose from including

LA’s Immersive Netflix Store a Treat for Stranger Things, Squid Game, Bridgerton Fans

Netflix has been known for bringing immersive experiences from its shows to the public with its pop-up stores across the nation. Fans in the Los Angeles, New York City and

Last Call Theatre’s Abandoned Is Part Role-Playing, All Interactive Theatre Set Inside Post-Apocalyptic World

The world has ended with billions of lives lost. We’re refugees seeking asylum in New Babylon, the last bastion of human society in a post-apocalyptic world. Before venturing into the

Cemetery Lane, the Family-Friendly Halloween Event, Is Back This Year

The Halloween season is here, and there are plenty of spooky experiences for all types of haunt fans. There are big amusement park attractions like Halloween Horror Nights and Knott’s

Delusion: Valley of Hollows Is Frighteningly Fun and Made Us Feel Like We’re in a Horror Movie

Danger was looming, and our only way out is to race down a flight of stairs. It was pitch black as we rushed down one by one, only to be

Stranger Things: The Experience Arrives in LA This Holiday Season

Stranger Things became a cultural phenomenon ever since it first premiered on Netflix. The fanbase has grown and grown with new and old generations embracing the ’80s, and the last

Disney Animation Immersive Experience Coming to U.S. Cities in 2023

Walt Disney Animation Studios is collaborating with Lighthouse Immersive Studios, the producers behind experiences like Immersive Van Gogh and Immersive King Tut Los Angeles, for a new experience called Disney

What To See at Shaqtoberfest 2022, Shaq’s Halloween Event

During the Halloween season, Long Beach has been known for its Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor event which takes place inside and near the ship. This year, things are a bit

What To See at Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 2022

It’s the Halloween season, so there are plenty of options to celebrate the creepiest and spine-tingling events. One such option is Los Angeles Haunted Hayride at Griffith Park, which is

‘The Weeping Witch’ Is a Scary, Immersive Horror Escape Room from Cross Roads Escape Games

We were in a dark room filled with mirrors all around. Somewhere behind the reflections were clues about the identity of the witch, the same evil spirit that has been

Hollywood’s Karnevil Is a Dinner Show with a Circus Twist

Halloween is when people get to go wild and step outside their comfort zone by attending creepy shows or dressing up as ghastly ghouls or vicious vampires. If you’re the

LA’s Haunted Hayride 2022 Returns to Griffith Park – Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s almost that time of the year when ghastly ghouls and devious demons roam the night. LA’s Haunted Hayride is one of the popular Halloween experiences in Los Angeles, and

Cemetery Lane Returns to LA for Halloween 2022 Season

The Halloween season is almost upon us, and that means there will be plenty of spooky and frightening events and activities coming out of the woodwork. Cemetery Lane is one

The Willows, a Haunted Mansion and Dinner Experience, Is Headed Back to Los Angeles in 2022

Los Angeles is home to a few interactive theatrical productions where participants embark on intimate adventures and feel like they’re part of the show. JFI Productions is one such production,

Summer of Loungefly, an Immersive Shopping Experience, Featured Hello Kitty, Marvel, Care Bears, Lisa Frank

Loungefly, a pop culture apparel and accessories brand under Funko, held Summer of Loungefly on Saturday, August 13th. Fans were able to visit the immersive shopping experience in Los Angeles

Details for Interactive Horror Theater, Delusion, Emerge Including September Premiere Date

Recently Delusionals, fans of Delusion, received an email about the return of the interactive horror theater series from creator Jon Braver. The show elevates the haunt experience by making participants

‘Summer of Loungefly’ Immersive Experience Coming to LA This Month

Loungefly creates collectible fashion (backpacks, wallets, etc) for fans with licensed accessories including Disney, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Star Wars and more. The brand was recently seen during San

Delusion Returns in 2022 to Pomona, CA, with ‘Valley of Hollows’

Interactive theatre has elevated the haunt experience with shows like Los Angeles’ Delusion and New York City’s Sleep No More. Yesterday, Delusion: Valley of Hollows was announced, and it will