We’re Giving Away Tickets to ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’ in Concert, Plus a Look at Upcoming Hollywood Bowl Shows

John Nguyen

The Force is strong with the LA Phil. The Hollywood Bowl has been home to plenty of exciting shows this ...

First Look at Netflix’s Reptile Starring Benicio Del Toro, Justin Timberlake

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Today, Netflix has released first-look images from its upcoming film, Reptile, starring Benicio Del Toro (The Usual Suspects, Snatch) and ...

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle Review – Superhero Blues

Mark Pacis

It isn’t easy to create something that stands out in a world full of superhero movies. Blue Beetle, however, chooses to ...

The Last Voyage of the Demeter

The Last Voyage of the Demeter – Dracula (Should’ve Been Left) Untold

Mark Pacis

Franchises are a standard part of Hollywood production. In a search for successful projects, studios may sometimes rely on a ...

As Long As We Both Shall Live

As Long As We Both Shall Live (Fantasia International Film Festival 2023 Review)

Mark Pacis

Set in a fantastical version of 19th-century Japan, As Long As We Both Shall Live is based on the famous light novel ...

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo Review – If You’re Not First, You’re Last

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Basing the story off of Gran Turismo, a racing simulator with no predetermined storylines, was a headscratcher when first announced. However, ...

Deep Sea

Deep Sea (Fantasia International Film Festival 2023 Review)

Mark Pacis

The expression “every frame looks like a painting” often gets thrown around. Two of the best-animated films this year, Spider-Man: Across ...

Pluto TV Hosts Free Movies at Vidiots Theater this Weekend Including First Blood, Freak Friday

John Nguyen

Vidiots has reopened this year in Los Angeles, and the non-profit video store and independent theater has been home to ...

Mad Cats

Mad Cats (Fantasia International Film Festival 2023 Review)

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When it comes to film, everyone has different tastes. At the same time, everyone has a different tolerance factor for ...

Randall Park on His Feature Film Directorial Debut, Shortcomings (Interview)

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Randall Park portrays likable characters, whether he’s in Fresh of the Boat or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With his feature ...