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12 foolish gaming myths that gamers believed

You’d be forgiven for believing and acting on some rather ridiculous myths about the games you love to play. However, myths have become an ingrained part of the general society.

Bring the Pip-Boy wherever you go with the Fallout Smartwatch

Fans of Fallout had the chance to own a working Pip-Boy with the Fallout 4 Collector’s Edition. If you didn’t get a chance to get that, here’s the next best thing:

Fallout 1.5: Resurrection: Isometric once more

Fallout has come a long way ever since it was dreamed up by Brian Fargo as a spiritual successor to Wasteland (due to E.A. refusing to sell the rights). From

Fallout New Vegas: Choose your own adventure

If you are in your mid-to-late twenties or older, then you probably remember the “choose your own adventure” books you might have read as a kid. My favorites were always

Bethesda has been meeting with movie studios for potential Fallout movie

Fallout 4 has made Bethesda very happy with 12 million units sold ($750 million in revenue)… and that’s just during the launch day. Now it looks like fans can expect

Todd Howard will receive GDC Lifetime Achievement Award

Since he began working at Bethesda Softworks in 1994, game designer Todd Howard has had a noteworthy career in the games industry. So much so that he will be given

This Fallout fan’s wife is a keeper

This is one lucky Fallout fan. His wife, Pinkymoon, surprised him with some really cool Fallout 4 goodies on the day of the game’s release. She shared her findings online

Top 5 mods I want to see in Fallout 4

The mod community for Bethesda games has always been one of the best, even dating back to the Elder Scrolls. The fact that their games are so expansive and capture

If Fallout had condoms

The radiation may get you in the Fallout wasteland, but at least you’ll prevent mutated babies with one of these Fallout condoms. It’s as sturdy as a vault. Source: Imgur

New live-action Fallout 4 trailer has the wanderer discovering the Wasteland

Fallout 4 is coming out next month, and Bethesda has released a new live-action trailer featuring the retro future being annihilated and the main protagonist from Vault 111 venturing outside

Fan builds real-life Fallout vault door for gaming room

When the world becomes a toxic wasteland, at least TreyHill will be protected. The Fallout fan has created a special gaming room along with a real-life Fallout vault door. And here

Funko Pop’s new Vault Boy from Fallout looks freakin’ amazing

Did you say Fallout 4? Well, we all know the new Pip-Boy Collector’s Edition of Fallout 4 is super-awesome. It includes a real life Pip-Boy that you can actually put your

Fallout 4: What we know about Vault 111 and Boston

After years of anticipation it’s finally here: Fallout 4 has finally been ‘officially’ announced. The first official trailer clocks in at 3 minutes and features both the haunting music and

Fallout 4 announcement tomorrow

It looks like Bethesda is preparing for the official reveal of Fallout 4 tomorrow. If you visit the official Fallout site, you’ll see a countdown timer with an announcement that’s

Bethesda registers new domain for Fallout 4: 2299; announcement to follow in 26 days

DISCLAIMER: There is a possibility that this is fake, and If so, I apologize in advance. Some things don’t add up such as the European date format, the goDaddy registry,

Fallout fan film, Nuka Break, returns for season 2

I miss Fallout. I really, really, really miss Fallout. Fallout 3 was a title I’ve invested roughly 200 hours into. After 6 full playthroughs as well as completing every single

Free enslaved androids from Boston in Fallout 4?

If there is one game that I can say legitimatized the whole “next-gen” console (XB360/PS3) feel for me, I would not hesitate to say Fallout 3. Fallout 3 completely shattered

Is Bethesda Softworks the Next Eidos?

Remember that whole Eidos/Gamespot controversy where an editor was fired because of a Kane & Lynch video game review? It was due to Eidos not pleased with the bad review,

Fallout: New Vegas Features an All-Star Voice Cast

Bethesda Software has recently announced their voice cast for the upcoming New Vegas title. I must say that I’m really impressed with the lineup. Not mentioned on the following list