Disney releases new video for its Avatar-themed land

animal kingdom avatar james cameron

Disney has been working on an Avatar-themed area for its Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando, Florida. Now we get a glimpse of what we can expect from the land in a new video released by Disney Parks blog. Disney is working closely with director James Cameron to recreate the … Continue reading

Disney’s Frozen Fever gets a trailer

Frozen Forever 2

“Frozen Fever” is the upcoming Disney-animated short that’s going to appear in front of Disney’s live-action film, Cinderella, starring Lily James, Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) and Cate Blanchett (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy). All your favorite Frozen characters are back in this new trailer including Olaf, Elsa and Anna. “Frozen Fever” hits … Continue reading

Disney Princesses as Final Fantasy classes


We’ve seen many iterations of Disney Princesses, but nothing like this before. Artist Kal-Ash (previously known as Geryes) has added a Final Fantasy twist to the lovely Disney ladies by designing each Princess with a character class that best represents them. Princesses include Tiana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Cinderella, … Continue reading

Disney’s Big Hero 6 wins Best Animated Feature at Oscars 2015


If you loved Disney’s Big Hero 6, then you might be happy to hear that the film won for Best Animated Feature during the Oscars 2015. Disney is on a roll with its recent animated films. Before this, Frozen won for Best Animated Feature for the 2014 Academy Awards. It’s … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Disney Princesses fan art (NSFW)

50 shades of disney princesses - little mermaid thumb

Fifty Shades of Grey is coming out to theaters this weekend, and the folks over at Cosmopolitan has created a fan art gallery of Disney princesses and princes doing some naughty things parodying the sexual movie and book. So check out the Disney couples in the Red Room of Pain below. … Continue reading

Marvel Studios is still planning on acquiring Spider-Man film rights?

Spider-Man 4

It’s no surprise that Marvel Studios want all of the Marvel characters back into their hands. So far we’ve seen some successes including Daredevil and the Hulk. Then we have half-successes, like the recent announcement of Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Sony Pictures will still produce solo Spider-Man films). Now … Continue reading

Disney Infinity 2.0 gets Tron’s Sam Flynn and Quorra

disney infinity tron Tron_ToyBox_4-L

Disney Interactive is adding more characters to the Disney Infinity 2.0 lineup, and this time it’s characters from the world of Tron. Sam Flynn and Quorra will be able to interact with other Disney and Marvel characters in Toy Box mode. There is a catch, however, since they are now … Continue reading

Disneyland’s 60th anniversary to include new fireworks show and more

Disneyland Forever Fireworks Spectacular2

Disneyland is going to have its 60th anniversary on July 17, 2015, and it has announced (via D23) that it’ll be doing the Diamond Celebration. However, you don’t have to wait that long for the celebration to kick in. The Happiest Place on Earth will be celebrating for most of the … Continue reading

Emma Watson to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast remake

Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991)

It seems like more and more Disney movies are slowly being made into live-action films. (Hey, I’m not complaining.) For example, we’re getting a new live-action Cinderella adaption this year. Besides that, we already have Snow White and the Huntsman, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty (Maleficent), and others. Well … Continue reading

Disney’s new show about a 15-year-old retired pro-gamer has major flaws


News on the eSports block is that Disney XD has ordered a new live-action comedy series called The Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything. Cameron Boyce stars as Conor, a retired professional 15-year-old video game player who solves his everyday high school problems using 1337 skillz acquired from his supposed successful … Continue reading

Disney Infinity’s Ronan, Yondu and Green Goblin figure review

Disney Infinity Green Goblin, Ronan, Yondu

When Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) was released, we were treated to many heroes from the Marvel universe. Now it’s the villains’ turn. Today the Disney Infinity collection gets three new members with Green Goblin, Ronan and Yondu. You’ll be able to use the villains and outlaw inside … Continue reading

J.J. Abrams on the expectation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

star wars the force awakens x1626IMAX_

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is easily going to be the most anticipated movie of 2015, and director J.J. Abrams isn’t clueless to how big the movie is going to be in people’s eyes. In an interview with MTV News, he talked about how demanding the film is. “It is without question … Continue reading

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale’s set is underway


Whether you asked for a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie or not, production for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is already underway, the fifth film of the series starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Thanks to Coming Soon, we get a new set photo located … Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Review


This year we were treated with another Square-enix’s HD remastering of three Kingdom Hearts games. Last year’s 1.5 had the original Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, and KH 358 days/2 which was converted into a short length movie covering all the story elements of the original game. This year Kingdom … Continue reading

Warner Bros’ Jungle Book movie release pushed back, Disney’s stays the same

jungle book

The upcoming Jungle Book movie by Disney will be a hybrid of live-action and CG animation. Sitting on the director’s chair will be Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Iron Man 2), with the film being released on October 9, 2015. Warner Bros. is also working on a live-action Jungle Book film called The … Continue reading