Marvel Disk War the Avengers is like a cross between Digimon and Power Rangers


Yes, that is an anime character transforming into Iron Man. The clip above comes from the Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers animated series that recently aired on Japanese Television. The show features Marvel characters, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and Wasp as they tried to stop Loki’s evil plans. The … Continue reading

Captain America: The Living Legend and Symbol of Courage preview


Since Disney’s acquisition of Marvel, the Disney theme parks have been adding more and more Marvel attractions for fans. Recently, different Avengers have been getting featured attractions at Disneyland’s Innoventions. The Iron Man exhibit has been open for about 10 months now and the Thor: Treasures of Asgard exhibit/meet and … Continue reading

Adele Dazeem…errr Idina Menzel and Jimmy Fallon perform ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen

idina menzel jimmy fallon let it go

After comparing Adele Dazeem to Idina Menzel, I’m still laughing at how John Travolta got it wrong when he introduced Menzel to perform the Frozen song, “Let It Go”, during the Oscars. Other than that, the song has been on fire everywhere. Jimmy Fallon invited Menzel out to perform the … Continue reading

Run like an Avenger in their half marathon!


Avengers Assemble! Want to participate in a superhero half marathon? Well, now you can! Disney’s Avengers will have it’s first ever Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend at Anaheim’s Disneyland® Resort on November 15-16. This event weekend will be filled with mighty runs, surprises, a cool goody bag, a night … Continue reading

Interview with Pat Williams on ‘How To Be Like Walt’

how to be like walt

This year alone we’re getting some highly-anticipated films under the Disney banner including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent, and Big Hero 6. Next year we’re getting the first Star Wars film from Disney. Aside from film, Disney has theme parks all over the world, owns … Continue reading

Escape to the world of your dreams with Disney Magical World


The Animal Crossing series has always been a huge hit for Nintendo with its hours of never ending gameplay, mini games and customization. Now Disney is planning on releasing its own community simulation game to the Nintendo 3DS with Disney Magical World. The game is expected to be released on April 11th. … Continue reading

Frozen’s star Idina Menzel will sing ‘Let it go’ at The Oscars!


If you’ve been a fan of Disney’s Frozen, you’re in luck. Idina Menzel, the powerful voice of Queen Elsa from the movie, will be singing live at this coming Oscars. She will not be lip syncing, so it will be her live voice completely. If you aren’t familiar Idina Menzel, … Continue reading

Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel perform music from Frozen

frozen kristen bell idina menzel

Disney Not only is Frozen a huge hit for Disney (it has grossed over $900 million worldwide), the music was also a huge hit as well. The album so far has reached number one in top-album sales for four weeks, and it’s currently number one on the Billboard 200. One of the … Continue reading

Check out the full ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Super Bowl trailer


The Super Bowl is now over, but you may have seen the Super Bowl ad for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Although the 30-second ad was amazing, Disney used that ad slot to inform all the watchers that there is a full trailer available online. I’m pretty sure that it’s … Continue reading

New Maleficent trailer has Lana Del Rey creepily singing ‘Once Upon a Dream’


The new Maleficent trailer premiered during the Grammy Awards on Sunday and featured singer Lana Del Rey doing a creepy rendition of the Sleeping Beauty classic, “Once Upon a Dream”. Check out the creepiness below. If you like this version of the song, you can download it for free on … Continue reading

Disney villains get their own perfume

Disney Perfume - Jafar

What would it be like if the Disney villains got their hands on their very own perfume? Well, it would probably be like what Japanese artist Ruby Spark illustrated. There are a lot of Disney villain perfumes including Jafar (Aladdin), Gaston (Beauty & the Beast), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), Ursula (The Little … Continue reading

Hey Arnold, Rugrats, and Recess all grown up!


In short, Celeste is an Omaha, Nebraska-native, English-major, Art-minor and an excellent doodler! Showcasing some compilations of her artwork, she’s currently working on designs dedicated from Disney’s Recess. Her previous homages are the grown-up series dedicated to Rugrats and Hey Arnold!. Although some people noted, “Why are they all hipsters?” … Continue reading