Inside the Mind of Hideo Kojima: ‘Connecting Worlds’ Documentary Release Date Announced

John Nguyen

Hideo Kojima has an upcoming documentary that will dive deep into his creative process in the video game space, and it will debut later this month. The release date for Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds was announced via HideoTube and the Game Awards Twitter, with the video special featuring the legend himself as he chats about the different projects he and Kojima Productions are working on.

Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions have been busy with titles such as Death Stranding 2, the live-action Death Stranding movie, the horror game OD (published by Xbox Game Studios), and returning to the world of action-espionage with Physint (working title).

When and Where Can You Watch It?

Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds will debut exclusively on Disney+ on February 23, 2024.

The Doc Had a Premiere Last Year

Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds had its premiere at the Tribeca Festival in New York City last year in June, with some outlets already sharing their reviews. The documentary has special appearances from Guillermo del Toro, Grimes, George Miller, Norman Reedus, Chvrches, and more.

From the reviews I’ve read, it sounds like the documentary will focus on the formation of the independent studio, Kojima Productions, and the making of Death Stranding. That means we won’t be getting into the nitty gritty of his time at Konami and working on the Metal Gear franchise. Additionally, don’t expect to see any discussions about Kojima’s breakup with the Japanese studio.

Kotaku was not kind to the film, calling it “The Worst Kind of Fan Service.”

“Connecting Worlds is for the superfan who is terrified to challenge Kojima’s reputation,” the outlet said. “It avoids the topic of Konami (which Kojima left behind after three decades, establishing both his career and cementing a somewhat angsty reputation) altogether, and spends the majority of its runtime on cherry-picked moments from Death Stranding’s production.”

Axios agrees with Kotaku about the disappointment in not seeing the Konami story, saying that the documentary is “a missed opportunity” due to it skipping “most of Kojima’s three-decade-long career making games in Japan, and only vaguely refers to the reason for Death Stranding’s existence.”

Kojima Productions was formed as an independent video game studio in 2015 after Kojima left Konami, and it could dictate its projects and choose which platform to develop for.

Death Stranding 2 will be released in 2025 and stars Norman Reedus, Léa Seydoux, Elle Fanning, Shioli Kutsuna, and Troy Baker.

A24 teamed up with Kojima Productions to work on the live-action film.