Fifth Azur Lane Content Coming to World of Warships

John Nguyen

World of Warships is a naval battle multiplayer game from Wargaming featuring all types of ships including ones from World War II. It is once again teaming up with Azur Lane, the naval side-scrolling shooter mobile game that’s set in an alternate timeline of World War II. This marks the fifth content release on World of Warships with Azur Lane, bringing players new content such as new commanders, ships, missions and rewards.

Check out the Azur Lane: Fifth Wave video below:

The new content will be available in World of Warships from August 4 to September 8, 2023. With new combat missions, players can earn permanent Azur Lane rewards including camouflage and flag. New Commanders include Prinz Heinrich, Cheshire, Colorado and the return of Dunkerque. By completing missions, players will get rewards including the permanent camouflage for Dunkerque, flag and Commander Dunkerque.

The Premium Shop and Armoury will have Containers, ship bundles, and more. There’s the Azur Lane Premium cruiser Prinz Heinrich and Azure Lane Cheshire representing the Royal Navy. Roon, Saint-Loiuis, and Neptune will have themed permanent camouflages. The United Fleet bundle can be unlocked, containing these Commanders and their ships and other Azur Lane characters. It also includes the bundle-exclusive Azur Lane Aurora ship.

Three Azur Lane Containers can be unlocked including the Premium Azur Lane: Battle Maidens of the Sea Container. There are rewards, and the three standard Containers will go towards a themed Collection, which includes themed special flags and Commander Azuma (with 10 skill points).

Random bundles will have permanent camouflages, expendable economic bonuses, Credits, Free XP, and Elite Commander XP. Once each permanent camouflage is acquired, 2,500 Doubloons will be added.