What We Ate at Netflix’s First-Ever Pop-Up Restaurant

Alice Ly

When I got the email from Fever promoting Netflix Bites last month, the streaming service’s first-ever pop-up restaurant, I immediately booked it. I love unique dining experiences, and it was a good opportunity to celebrate an early birthday for my sister-in-law.

The “screen-to-table” pop-up restaurant showcases some of the famous recipes seen on Netflix’s popular programs and spotlights 8 chefs particularly:

  • Curtis Stone (Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend)
  • Ann Kim (Chef’s Table: Pizza)
  • Dominique Crenn (Chef’s Table, Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend)
  • Andrew Zimmern (Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend)
  • Rodney Scott (Chef’s Table: BBQ)
  • Ming Tsai (Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend)
  • Nadiya Hussain (Nadiya Bakes)
  • Jacques Torres (Nailed It!)
Netflix Bites. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

The pop-up officially opened the night of June 30th, and our dinner date was the next day, July 1. Located at The Short Stories Hotel in Los Angeles, here’s everything we ate at Netflix Bites and our general experience.

Color, Lots of Colors

You can’t miss the exterior of the pop-up from the street.

Netflix Bites. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

Since there is no parking on-site, Netflix Bites recommends parking at The Grove and making the 7-minute walk over. You could, technically, park at the retail lot across the street for free but make sure to read the signs in case.

When we checked in for our 6 PM dinner, they took us through the signature red door, into the bar, and to the patio to be seated. First impression? COLOR. Your eyes will be treated to lots of it. The black & white checkered floor and color everywhere give off some Alice-in-Wonderland vibes.

Netflix Bites. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

From Screen-to-Table

After sitting down, they immediately wheel an attractive cart over to your table to entice you into getting a drink. It worked.

On the menu, they showcase custom cocktails from Drink Masters, including Frankie Solarik, Julie Reiner, and more. We chose Kate Gerwin’s option from the Spanish Gin and Tonic cart.

Netflix Bites. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

It was refreshing and a great start to the summer night!

For the food, we went with the more famous picks. If it got featured on a show or was exclusive, it had higher priority on our hit list.

Here’s everything savory we ate between the 3 of us:

Mushroom Fricassee

Netflix Bites. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

My Grandmother’s Meatloaf

Netflix Bites. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

Lady Zaza’s Pizza

Netflix Bites. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

Whole Dungeness Crab Curry

Netflix Bites. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

Highlights of the meal included Andrew Zimmern’s comforting meatloaf, Ann Kim’s Lady Zaza dairy-free pizza with a kimchi kick and a beautiful crust, and the priciest option on the menu, Curtis Stone’s Whole Dungeness Crab Curry.

While the crab curry looks unattractive and is very messy, the meat was tender and had the delicious flavor profile of the curry seeped in. The roti it came with was a touch too salty, though. But at a $65 price point, I’d rather go to a Chinese seafood restaurant and get more bang for my buck there.

Adding to the screen-to-table experience was the dessert we picked from Jacque Torres’ section, “Clowning Around.”

Netflix Bites. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

It was a deconstructed dessert that encouraged our table to each take a turn at assembling the clown with the dark chocolate cigar. You would think a DIY dessert with silly individual parts wouldn’t bring on the taste, but we were pleasantly surprised.

The white chocolate mousse “head” was light and airy, with a passion fruit flavor center. You can add more fruity flavors to balance out all the chocolate with the raspberry and passion fruit syrup droppers. This dessert was extremely fun and worth getting!

The second dessert we ordered was the 12-layer Honey Cake with Hazelnuts from Nadiya Hussain’s section. It was a generous portion that had edible flowers and was overall delicious!

When the bill arrived, it came in one of those old-school red DVD sleeves, which was a nice touch.

Netflix Bites. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

On the way out, you’ll see the custom Italian wood-fired oven where all the pizzas are made. You can definitely taste the difference in the crust with this oven.

Netflix Bites. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

What to Expect From the Reservation Process

Reservations on Resy are recommended from their website, including the full menu if you want to see the options.

Note that RSVP costs $25 per person and is NON-REFUNDABLE. So don’t make a booking without being absolutely sure you can make it. The $25 per person deposit will be credited towards your final bill, which it will easily surpass.

Final Reaction

Netflix Bites is a unique experience that makes it fun for those that enjoy watching the Iron Chef, Chef’s Table, and other popular Netflix food show series to say, “Hey, I’ve eaten that!”

While I’m not compelled to try other items on the menu again, I’m glad to have tried their first-ever pop-up restaurant that had delicious food to keep up with the experience. With their foray into bringing the food from the screen to the table, I can see them experimenting with more chef pop-ups in the future.

Netflix Bites is located at The Short Stories Hotel (115 S. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036) from June 30 to August 4th. It’ll be open from 5-10 PM seven days a week, with brunch available on the weekends from 10 AM to 2 PM with its brunch menu.