Valorant Champions Tour Grand Final Was an Epic Display of Performances and Matches

John Nguyen

The Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Grand Final was an intense battle between North America’s Evil Geniuses and Singapore’s Paper Rex as they competed in Riot Games’ 5v5 first-person shooter. It was a close match in the first half, but in the end, Evil Geniuses took it to the top to take the trophy and become VALORANT World Champions.

The Finals Day was sold out in two minutes and was held at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles with 11,500 attendees cheering for both teams.

Prominent guests include Ben Affleck and Elon Musk. The latter was shown on the big screens at the KIA Forum with the crowd booing and chanting “Bring Twitter Back.”

The Opening Ceremony was electrifying and got the crowd excited and filled with smoke and flames. Riot Games knows how to throw an epic show featuring artists Grabbitz, bbno$, ericdoa, Emei and Jazz Alonso. Ericdoa performed “Greater than One” and Grabbitz performed both “Die for You” and “Ticking Away.” Emei and Jazz Alonsoand debuted and performed their upcoming Valorant song, “Re-Ignition,” which is a reimagining of the Valorant’s “Ignition.” The new single was produced by ARB4.

Those who attended the Valorant Champions Tour were able to check out fun activities at the Fan Fest celebration at the Kia Forum parking lot. Influencers and esports players were on the golden carpet, replicas of the weapons were on display, and plenty of food trucks to fill your belly.

Valorant Episode 7 Act II

In other Valorant news, Episode 7 Act II has launched this week and features the latest map, Sunset. Since Riot Games is based in Los Angeles, the new map takes inspiration from the City of Angels including food tricks, art deco and mission-style architecture, traffic, a neon sunset and graffiti.

The Imperium Skinline is also introduced and is inspired by East Asian dragons, and players will get to summon the ancient dragons. Additionally, the new Battlepass has been released with items such as RDVR Phantom, Transition Melee and Mid-Autumn Sweet Buddy.

Featured image: Evil Geniuses at the Grand Final press conference. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor