Squid Game: The Trials Brings the Challenges to Life in Los Angeles

John Nguyen

Squid Game became a global phenomenon when it premiered on Netflix in 2021. It spawned a reality competition series, Squid Game: The Challenge, and creator and showrunner Hwang Dong-hyuk is busy working on the sequel to the scripted drama. Fans of the shows will get the chance to experience the world of Squid Game in real life with Squid Game: The Trials from Netflix.

We had the chance to embark on the immersive world of Squid Game. There were plenty of games including challenges from the series and the reality competition like crossing the glass bridge, playing marbles, Battleship-inspired combat, and the iconic Red Light, Green Light game.

If you’re worried about your life, don’t sweat because Squid Game: The Trials is based on points, and you’ll get to keep on playing until the end challenge. The top players with the most points will get to continue in the finale, with the eliminated players surrounding the center stage to see who becomes the final winner.

Check out the video below.


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Tickets to Squid Game: The Trials are available at https://www.netflix.com/tudum/squid-game-the-trials. The experience has been extended and ends on March 10, 2024.

About Squid Game

Squid Game took the world by storm upon its 2021 premiere, quickly becoming one of Netflix’s most-watched series around the world. Garnering over 1.65 billion viewing hours watched by more than 142 million households in its first 28 days, the series took the #1 spot in “Today’s Top 10” across 94 countries. Beyond its massive viewership, the series earned prestigious awards such as the Gotham Awards’ “Breakthrough Series,” the “AFI Special Award,” and 6 Primetime Emmy Awards, a first for a local language series. Recognized for its cinematic quality, Squid Game also received nominations at the Golden Globe Awards and the Critics’ Choice Awards. The series was lauded for its refreshing social commentary of a modern society fraught with intense competition, all told against the backdrop of nostalgic childhood games, turning all things Squid Game — its art, music, fashion, and games — into a global cultural phenomenon.

The series is written and directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, executive produced by Kim Ji-yeon, and produced by Firstman Studio.

It stars Lee Jung-jae, Lee Byung-hun, Yim Si-wan, Kang Ha-neul, Wi Ha-jun, Park Gyu-young, Lee Jin-uk, Park Sung-hoon, Yang Dong-geun, Kang Ae-sim, Lee David, Choi Seung-hyun, Roh Jae-won, Jo Yuri, Won Ji-an, Gong Yoo (special appearance).