Matthew Lillard on His High-End Whiskey, Quest’s End, and Dungeons & Dragons Show, ‘Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!’

John Nguyen

Matthew Lillard is known for playing Shaggy in the live-action Scooby-Doo films and Stu Macher in Scream. He can be seen in the upcoming film, Five Nights at Freddy’s, which comes out later this year. Outside of acting, he’s been playing Dungeons & Dragons since he was a kid and has even co-founded Beadle and Grimms, a company that publishes licensed Dungeons & Dragons products. Lillard has more in store for D&D players with a limited-edition, high-end whiskey and a D&D show, Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!

Many Dungeons & Dragons campaigns start out inside a local tavern, and adventurers can unwind and relax as they find quests and chat with the local villagers. The party can also partake in drinking the night away in the fantasy world. However, if you want to take that experience to the next level in real life, there’s Quest’s End Whiskey from Find Familiar Spirits. The company’s mission is to craft high-end curated potables for adventurers.

Find Familiar Spirits is founded by actor Matthew Lillard (Scream, Scooby-Doo), screenwriter Justin Ware, and Blue Run Spirits co-founder Tim Sparapani. Together, the team has brought artist Tyler Jacobson and writer Kate Welch on board to flesh out the world of Quest’s End. Yes, there’s worldbuilding in the whiskey brand, with the first in the line titled Paladin.

The side of the bottle has HP (hit points), and the more you drink, the more “hit points” you gain.

“I came up with it really early,” Lillard tells Nerd Reactor. “In our creative team, I’m the Dungeons and Dragons guy. I mean we all game, but I’m deep into it. But I was like, ‘What if on the side, the hit points, as you drink down you get stronger?'”

To represent the Paladin and their oaths, master blender/alchemist Ale Ochoa has blended aging stocks with hints of vanilla and fruit. There’s a little bit of spice to represent their fighting spirit. With Welch and Jacobson on the team, they have developed the characters and story for each of the whiskey.

“And so we have to make sure the whiskey is incredible,” Lillard continued. “And then on top of that, we create the story experience that goes along with it.”

Courtesy of Find Familiar Spirits

Paladin will be the first one released. Afterward, Rogue, Warlock and Dragon will come out.

“The plan, as of right now, is to go through 16 different bottles,” Lillard said. “Each bottle is different. Each bottle is a whiskey that’s curated for that character. So Paladin is specifically built for her, who she is. We open up the story with Sarin of the Pit, and she’s a gladiator. She’s a paladin/gladiator of the god Inxa, which is a god that we created. And in the world, she’s fighting in a life-and-death battle with a combatant. If she wins, she wins her freedom. So that’s where we sort of open up the story. As we go through, it’s on that journey with her. Each bottle has this shield. So for a Paladin, that’s her mace. But for the next one, Rogue, the shield is completely different. So each bottle looks different, tastes different.”

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Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! is an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons series from Beadle and Grimms’ featuring Lillard and guests as their characters battle the big bad. The players know that their characters will die, but they have to play it in a way where their characters don’t know the outcome.

“Every episode of Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! is coming to the Dungeons and Dragons channel soon,” Lillard explained. “Again, I can talk about it because it’s not a struck company, which is important to acknowledge. Each episode has four first-level characters. They go off into the world to become the heroes of legend. They just so happen to meet up with epic Dungeons and Dragons monsters and they all get completely obliterated. So every show, four first-level characters, one epic bad, and everyone dies. It’s hilarious. It’s a little like Whose Line Is It Anyway? meets Dungeons & Dragons. And we have an incredible table. We have 20 shows. Each show is different. Each show is a different collection of players. No two shows are the same. And I think when people see it, they’re gonna fall in love with the show. It’s funny. It’s faster. They’re oddly emotional and sentimental at times. And we’re super proud of them. And we can’t wait for people to find them.”