Resident Evil 7 to be announced at E3 2014?


We are only a few months away from E3 2014 and already many rumors are beginning to circle around the internet about the event. The newest one being that we can expect an announcement for Resident Evil 7. The news came out over the weekend that Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun had the insight … Continue reading

Machinima to release Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, a live-action web series

street fighter assassin's fist

If you haven’t checked out Joey Ansah’s fan film, Street Fighter: Legacy, check it out below. It’s one of the coolest and well-choreographed Street Fighter fan films out there. Now Capcom and Machinima are teaming up to bring Joey Ansah’s Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist series to the online world via … Continue reading

Ultra Street Fighter IV features previous Street Fighter IV modes


During Southern California Regionals, Capcom released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV that is coming out June. The new trailer shows off a new Edition Select mode, select your character and play them in whatever version of Street Fighter IV you like. With Capcom releasing … Continue reading

Street Fighter’s Ryu featured in Turkish auto insurance commercial


Now there’s something you don’t see every day. A new video has popped up online for the “world renowned” insurance company, Anadolu Sigorta.”Did you say Anadolu Sigorta?” Yes, I did say Anadolu Sigorta. The auto insurance company has become a buzz across the internet this week for their new very interesting commercial. The … Continue reading

Capcom and Virgin Gaming launch Money Match service – It’s live now


In the fighting game community, money matches aren’t anything new. Big names and upcoming names take on challengers with money on the line, especially at tournaments. Together Capcom and Virgin Gaming have released a new money matching service that lets you take on opponents online and make money doing it. It’s … Continue reading

Capcom working on a brand new Ace Attorney game


In today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata made an announcement that Capcom is working on a brand new Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) game that will be completely different from any game in the series. Gyakuten Saiban series creator Shu Takumi will be directing the game that will be developed for the Nintendo … Continue reading

Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection coming to Japan in April


Capcom will be releasing the Gyakuten Saiban 123: Naruhodo Selection (known as Phoenix Wright in the US) in Japan this April for the Nintendo 3DS. Featuring the first three Gyakuten Saiban games in one collection, Capcom will be adding stereoscopic 3D support and a few yet-to-be-announced extras. No announcement whether this game will be … Continue reading

NR Podcast #31: Ant-Man, Justice League, Next-gen Capcom problems and Pirate Love

Nerd Reactor - Nerdzilla - Small

Download | Itunes | Subscribe to RSS | Previous Episodes l Twitter The Nerd Reactor gang talks about the new casting for Ant-Man, Warner Bros. about Justice league, CES, Capcom’s troubles with next-gen consoles, and pirate love. Podcasters: John “Spartan” Nguyen and Mark Pacis with special guest JR Cajigas.

Capcom says next-gen games will require 10 times the work


We’ve heard development tales before where developers are having to gather more resources to create AAA games for the next-gen consoles. For example, Killzone: Shadow Fall required 4 times as many people compared to the previous games. Capcom is in a bit of a pickle, especially with Street Fighter producer Ono saying … Continue reading

Gifts to get yourself after Christmas – Chris’ Nerdy Gift Guide


First off I would like to wish all of you Happy Holidays and hope you are enjoying yourself, whether you are currently at home relaxing, doing last minute shopping or working a few hours before tomorrow. With Christmas comes gifts, and many of you are probably excited to get them. … Continue reading

Ultra Street Fighter IV coming in June, features 2 new modes


During the Capcom Cup, Capcom released a new trailer for the upcoming release of Ultra Street Fighter IV that features two new game modes while highlighting two previously announced ones. Red Focus – The ability to absorb more attacks at the cost of meter and give players a chance to … Continue reading

Nick Ramos sports the Mega Man X Full Armored version in Dead Rising 3


While Capcom hasn’t made any new Mega Man since Mega Man 10 (not counting the iOS game that never got released), his essence has been spread out through the Capcom universe with different homages. Capcom has decided to make fans of Dead Rising and Mega Man happy by including the … Continue reading

Excited for Dead Rising 3? Here are 18 minutes of zombie killing gameplay


The Dead Rising 3 trailer contains plenty of gore, violence and zombie killing, but hey, you’re a mature audience member, right? The Xbox One exclusive title, Dead Rising 3, is only eleven days away from release, and Capcom is showing off the action in a very long gameplay trailer. We … Continue reading

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies review – No Objections here


It’s been a year since the end of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The Dark Age of Law has arrived. After having his named cleared in court by Apollo, Phoenix Wright, the founder of the Wright Anything Agency, has decided to regain his attorney’s badge as well as hire a new member … Continue reading

Capcom to get a Character Encyclopedia for its 30th anniversary

capcom character encyclopedia

Here’s a cool item that every Capcom fan should have on their radar. Capcom is going to get a character encyclopedia for its 30th anniversary called Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia. The book will contain 208 pages filled with facts, statistics, and historical information about your favorite Capcom characters ranging … Continue reading

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Demo out now on the Nintendo eShop


Capcom previously announced that Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies would be released exclusively on the Nintendo eShop on October 24th, but today during the Nintendo Direct it was announced the demo would be available as of today for the 3DS. As an added bonus, if you purchase the game between October 24 … Continue reading