The Dr. Seuss Experience Brings The World of Deuss to Life

John Nguyen

The Dr. Seuss Experience is an immersive experience that brings the wacky world of Dr. Seuss to life. It’s held at Santa Monica Place for a limited time and takes guests on a journey through nine different Dr. Seuss books that pop out of the pages.

The entrance takes you to the gift shop, where you can buy books, plush dolls, t-shirts, mugs, and more.

The carnival room features all sorts of fun games including a claw machine arcade where you can win plushes, a high striker, ball toss in the holes, knock down a clown, swing carousel for kids, and more.

One room has pipes where if you put a fluffy ball inside one end, it will shoot out on the other end. The Lorax room features the lovable Lorax inside a fluffy Truffula Forest, the Horton Hears a Who! room has a field of pink clovers with audio coming from some of the clovers, the Cat in the Hat room has a lifesize Cat in the Hat balancing on a ball, and there’s even a room with hidden Dr. Seuss characters all around including inside a pot, and inside a bookcase and cupboards.

One of our favorite rooms is the Grinch’s where guests can fish for presents and pose with the one and only Grinch.

Guests wanting to learn more about Dr. Seuss and see his original artwork are in for a treat with the museum and art gallery rooms. “The Man Behind the Magic” plaque gives a brief history of Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, and original art includes Yertle the Turtle, Grinch, Fox in Socks and more.

Near the gift ship, there are original Dr. Seuss art pieces available for purchase. These are definitely catered to adult guests who want to own a piece and hang it on their walls.

For tickets, visit The Dr. Seuss Experience site.