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CBS Upfronts: 2018-2019 Fall and Midseason lineups

CBS announced their new series for the network today at their Upfront in New York City. The Network has added eight new shows – five for the fall, plus the

CBS Upfront 2017 Fall lineup includes a young Sheldon, S.W.A.T. and SEALs

CBS held their annual Upfront presentation today at Carnegie Hall in New York City. CBS presented their Fall, Midseason, and CBS All Access Only shows to the audience, including the

Here are the TV series being renewed and canceled

Tis the season for cancellations and renewals in the TV world, and Nerd Reactor is bringing you the latest updates from the network shows. Here are some of the highlights and

Ridley Scott to produce new legal drama for CBS

Yes we are all well aware of Ridley Scott’s silver screen bona fides (Gladiator, Alien, Blade Runner to name just a few), but some fans may not know just how

Supergirl season 2 is heading to The CW

It has been rumored that Supergirl was going to leave CBS and join The CW for the second season, according to a report by Variety. It’s a move that makes

Supergirl visits Fortress of Solitude and turns evil in new photos

Supergirl will get to visit Superman’s safe haven, the Fortress of Solitude, in episode 15, and she will also turn to the dark side in episode 16. Check out the

First photo from The Flash and Supergirl crossover

Those two emblems look pretty good together… @melissabenoist A photo posted by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on Feb 10, 2016 at 2:07pm PST Greg Berlanti has been putting together such an

Grant Gustin reveals title for Supergirl and The Flash crossover

Photo from Variety It was revealed yesterday that CBS’ Supergirl would feature a special certain someone from The CW. Grant Gustin will appear in an upcoming Supergirl episode as Barry

Tom Welling on the possibility of playing Superman in CBS’ Supergirl

Superman has made an appearance in CBS’ Supergirl, but that doesn’t mean we know who the actor is. That’s because the showrunners have figured out clever ways to introduce the

Supergirl gets a kiss and confronts Bizarro in 12th episode

CBS has released a bunch of new photos for the upcoming Supergirl 12th episode, “Bizarro.” In these photos, we see Kara (Melissa Benoist) getting intimate with Cat’s son, Adam (Blake

CBS and Paramount sue Star Trek fan film, Axanar, for copyright infringement

Star Wars is a film that has inspired many fan films. Lucasfilm even sponsors the Star Wars Fan Film Awards, an event that celebrates Star Wars fan films. With that

CBS delays Supergirl episode due to Paris attack

The world mourns for the dead during the horrific attack in Paris on Friday, November 13th. Episode 4 of Supergirl titled “How Does She Do It?” features bombings in fictional National

Supergirl on CBS will star Red Tornado or was it Red Tomato? You decide.

Iddo Goldberg from the television series, Salem and Peaky Blinders, was announced to play the part of DC’s android badass, Red Tornado. He will be playing this pivotal role in CBS’s Supergirl. The costume

Sneak peek into The Big Bang Theory season 9

The new Big Bang Theory season is coming up, and although many people have a bone to pick with the show, I personally adore it! However, seeing as season nine

Supergirl cast grows: Justice Leak to play Hellgrammite

Unlike Marvel, DC’s television and film universes are separate which gives writers the ability to add characters to their series with abandon. This means we can look forward a vast

Will CBS be okay with Supergirl crossing over to The Flash and Arrow soon?

Photo by Variety Greg Berlanti, the executive producer of the Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl series, has said before that he would like Supergirl to cross over with the likes of The

CBS’ Supergirl pilot leaked 6 months earlier

Well that didn’t take long. CBS will be premiering the Supergirl series starring Melissa Benoist in November this year. However, that hasn’t stopped the pirates out there from leaking the

Don’t expect a Flash/Arrow crossover with Supergirl… yet

Arguably one of the most anticipated new shows set to air this Fall is Supergirl on CBS. With DC basically killing it when it comes to their TV universe with

Supergirl’s outfit will evolve from skimpy to modest in CBS series

CBS has already revealed the Supergirl outfit for the upcoming series earlier this year. The photo of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl had a cape, skirt, boots, and padded tights. The blue

New CBS Upfront 2015-2016 lineup including Supergirl and Limitless

CBS just released the trailers for their fall lineup and it includes the anticipated trailer to Supergirl and Limitless. With two comedies, two dramas, and one superhero show, CBS are expanding