Star Wars Outlaws Comes to SDCC 2023 with New Behind-the-Scenes Look

Mark Pacis

Star Wars Outlaws

At San Diego Comic-Con this year, Ubisoft, Massive Entertainment, and Lucasfilm Games held a panel to discuss the upcoming (and highly anticipated) open-world game Star Wars Outlaws. In addition, they debuted a new behind-the-scenes video showcasing new visuals from the game, concept art, and interviews from the cast and creators. You can watch it below.

As shown above, director Steve Blank details why the game is set in between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and why that was great for this game. “This is a moment where the civil war between the Empire and the Rebellion is at its height,” he says. “And this creates an environment across the galaxy where outlaws can thrive.”

“When you play Star Wars Outlaws, you get a chance to discover what the underworld is like and live through those experiences,” producer Carmen Askerneese said. They also delve into how the team draws from Westerns for the game’s tone and the various underworld experiences players will encounter. “We’ve only scratched the surface of what Star Wars Outlaws has to offer,” says Blank. “There is so much more that you will get to embody, and use, and play when you become Kay Vess.”

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