You Can Control This G1 Bumblebee Robotic Figure to Dodge Bullets Like Neo

John Nguyen

Robosen Robotics made a name for itself when it released its line of Optime Prime auto-transforming figures. Whether fans and collectors got the Flagship or Elite version, the Autobot leader is able to pose and transform from truck to robot form and vice versa thanks to its robotic technology. Today, Robosen announced that Bumblebee has joined its Transformers line. It’s the first product in its Performance Series line of robots, which likely focuses on Transformers being able to talk, walk, pose, etc.

The Bumblebee G1 Performance captures his classic look including the colors, signature horns, and Volkswagon Beetle aesthetic. He’s equipped with functioning eyes, footlights, motion, and original sounds.

Thanks to his 17 server motors, Bumblebee can walk, dodge bullets like Neo from The Matrix, do single-leg squats, side kicks, bend over, and other complex poses. With the built-in 6-Axis IMU, it’ll handle the balancing act, and If he does fall from posing, he can get back up automatically.

His actions can be controlled via the app or using your voice. There are 20 pre-installed voice commands and over 69 original G1 sound bytes. Robosen even brought in Dan Gilvezan, the original voice actor for G1 Bumblebee.

The 14-inch tall robotic figure includes 45 custom-engineered microchips and 17 body parts, and he weighs in at 2.6 lbs.

With the Mini Theater feature, Bumblebee can interact with Robosen’s Optimus Prime Flagship and Elite versions including sequences and other options.

Optimus Prime Flagship and Bumblebee. Courtesy of Robosen Robotics

“We’re thrilled to bring this highly anticipated robot to fans and debut our Performance Series line with Bumblebee G1 Performance,” said Sean Tang, Director of Robosen USA. “Our talented team is excited to bring Mini Theater to our customers, allowing them to unleash their creativity and produce some awe-inspiring interactions with Optimus Prime.”

The only big downside is that the Bumblebee G1 Performance can’t transform.

Bumblebee G1 Performance retails for $399 USD and is available on