MLB Home Run Derby VR Launches Today on the Meta Quest Store

John Nguyen

MLB fans with a Meta Quest VR headset are in for a treat because today, MLB Home Run Derby VR is launching on the Meta Quest Store. The VR game aims to capture the experience of hitting a Home Run Derby at the batter’s box of all 30 MLB ballparks.

To immerse players inside the ballparks, MLB Home Run Derby VR features 3D environments, motion controls and batting mechanics as they put their skills to the test. Made for hardcore and casual fans, the experience will be available via the Quest Store page.

Here are the updates and features for MLB Home Run Derby VR:

  • Expanded player progression: A brand new progression system lets players conquer up to 100 levels of skill mastery.
  • Online Clubhouse Mode & Trophy room: Transform your Clubhouse into a personalized haven of baseball greatness, showcasing their favorite team’s colors and displaying hard-earned accolades.
  • Incentives, in-game economy and unlockable customizations: With new achievements and quest systems, every achievement unlocks a cascade of customization rewards, such as cosmetic upgrades for your Clubhouse and Avatars, bat skins, batting gloves, custom ball trails, and more.
  • Online Multiplayer & New Multiplayer Tournaments: Challenge your friends in multiplayer modes with up to four players. Tournaments allow up to 8 friends to battle it out for Home Run Derby supremacy.
  • Meta avatar and notification system integration: Meta avatars are fully supported and they appear in MLB Home Run Derby’s Clubhouse exactly as they do elsewhere in the metaverse!
  • Expanded leaderboards: Players have the ability to sort by score, longest home run or fastest exit velocity. Rankings reflect quarterly “seasons”, and you can filter by team or look at rounds from within your Clubhouse. Stay tuned for more leaderboards and competitive enhancements coming during the 2024 season!

MLB Home Run Derby VR is now available on Meta Quest and also on Rift and Steam VR platforms for $29.99.