Global Artists Collide for ‘Attack on Titan Final Season the Final Chapters Special 2’ Dub Launch

John Nguyen

The Attack on Titan anime series premiered in 2013, and it would be another 10 years for fans to finally see the epic conclusion on the screen. However, for those watching the dub, Crunchyroll is premiering the “Attack on Titan Final Season the Final Chapters Special 2” dub on January 7, 2024.

To celebrate the dub for the series finale, Attack on Titan Final Season the Final Chapters Special 2, Crunchyroll has hired artists across the globe to create original pieces inspired by the series. The artists include Adam Burke (USA), Thomas von Kummant (Germany), Hieu Nguyen aka Kelogsloops (Australia), Marguerite Sauvage (France), Jacopo Camagni (Italy), and Matt Taylor (UK).

The dub versions of Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2 include English, Latin American Spanish, Brazillian Portuguese, and German, and they will be debuting on Crunchyroll this Sunday, January 7th at 9 p.m. PST.

Adam Burke (US)

Artist description: Known for his album artwork for bands like END, Fit For an Autopsy, Like Moths to Flames, Currents, Gatecreeper, and other heavy music artists

Matt Taylor (UK)

Artist description: Matthew has worked for Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Studios, and many more including work on posters for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Marvel movies.

Hieu Nguyen aka Kelogsloops (AUS)

Artist description: Hieu currently exhibits his work in galleries and maintains a presence on social media. He intends to continue his current projects and pursuits, hoping to one day have his own studio and teach.

Marguerite Sauvage (France)

An award-winning artist who has provided illustrations in press, publishing, and advertising.

Jacopo Camagni [Italy] – He has been working in the comics and illustration industry for over twenty years. In 1998 he’s drawn an original graphic novel dedicated to Lupin the 3rd under the supervision of the late Monkey Punch, creator of the character. He has done work with Marvel Comics, Panini Comics, and Image Comics.

Thomas Von Kummant (Germany)

Artist description: Creator of the comic series “Gung Ho” and has also done work for Pixar, Blur Studio, and TRIXTER.

About Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2

Synopsis: The fate of the world hangs in the balance as Eren unleashes the ultimate power of the Titans. With a burning determination to eliminate all who threaten Eldia, he leads an unstoppable army of Colossal Titans towards Marley. Now a motley crew of his former comrades and enemies scramble to halt his deadly mission, the only question is, can they stop him?

English ADR Director

Mike McFarland

English Voice Cast

  • Bryce Papenbrook as Eren Jaeger
  • Jessie James Grelle as Armin Arlelt
  • Trina Nishimura as Mikasa Ackermann
  • Robert McCollum as Reiner Braun
  • Mike McFarland as Jean Kirschtein
  • Clifford Chapin as Conny Springer
  • Amber Lee Connors as Pieck Finger
  • Lindsay Seidel as Gabi Braun
  • Bryson Baugus as Falco Grice
  • Anairis Quiñones as Yelena
  • Zeno Robinson as Onyankopon
  • Jessica Calvello as Hange Zoë
  • Matt Shipman as Floch Forster
  • Matthew Mercer as Captain Levi

Based on the Attack on Titan manga created by Hajime Isayama, it is directed by Yuichiro Hayashi with character design by Tomohiro Kishi, art direction by Kuniaki Nemoto, chief animation direction by Daisuke Niinuma, art direction by Kuniaki Nemoto, editing by Masato Yoshitake, music by Kohta Yamamoto and Hiroyuki Sawano, with Animation Studio MAPPA.

About Attack on Titan

Synopsis: Many years ago, humanity was forced to retreat behind the towering walls of a fortified city to escape the massive, man-eating Titans that lurked outside their fortress. Only the heroic members of the Scout Regiment dared to stray behind the safety of the walls –but even those brave warriors seldom returned alive.