Disney Parks Fest Has Arrived at Disney Dreamlight Valley for a Limited Time

John Nguyen

Disney Dreamlight Valley has just received a new update with Disney Parks Fest, where players will get to have fun with more Disney Parks-inspired items including popcorn buckets, maps, and furniture. Additionally, the Star Path features more Disney Parks goodies such as furniture, characters in themed costumes, and new player outfits.

The Disney Parks Fest event features new quests from Disney and Pixar Villagers, allowing the players to earn exclusive in-game rewards. They will be tasked with collecting Disney Parks-inspired buttons that are spread across Dreamlight Valley and cooking special cupcakes. Unlockables include recipes for making collectible popcorn buckets, maps and furniture to help enhance or create their magical theme park.

Players will get to be part of the community by reaching milestones, with Disney Dreamlight Valley’s social accounts rewarding them with Moonstones, crafting resources, and more.

The free in-game event is now available until June 5th.

“A Day at Disney” Star Path is currently available, which launched on May 1st and ends on June 11th. Players will get to earn rewards by completing missions, and by using Moonstones, they can unlock premium rewards including Peppy Popcorn Squirrel Companion, Water Spitting Camel furniture, Alien Swirling Saucers furniture to enhance your park, Cave of Wonders Spirit Jersey, Magic Carpets of Aladdin (aerial carousel-style ride furniture), and more.