Telltale announces Minecraft: Story Mode


Telltale and Mojang revealed yesterday that Telltale would be releasing a new episodic series based on the massive hit online building game, Minecraft. Mojang released an interactive press-release on their blog called Info Quest II that explained the detail of the game and their collaboration with Telltale. – Minecraft: Story mode will be a narrative-driven … Continue reading

Captain America kicks the crap out of Ash Ketchum


A very cool video popped up online that features many heroes from the video game and comic book world fighting to the death. The video comes from Corridor Digital, probably best known for their impressive Assassin’s Creed III fan film. The video shows a Minecraft player unearthing what appears to be the … Continue reading

Final Fantasy 7’s City of Midgar recreated in Minecraft


A player with the handle Killerx20 has posted pictures of the city of Midgar from Final Fantasy 7. It wasn’t just this player that created this amazing city, there were many others. Killerx20 had this to say regarding the city, what’s visible, and if there are any future updates: This … Continue reading

Official: Microsoft to buy Minecraft, with creator leaving


Microsoft has officially announced today that it has reached an agreement to acquire Mojang and its top-selling game, Minecraft, for an amount of $2.5 billion. Mojang’s Owen Hill has also confirmed the news via the company’s site, saying that Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson gave the okay for the sale. “He’s decided that he … Continue reading

E3 2014: From EQNLandmark to Landmark


If you haven’t heard of Landmark before, it’s perfectly okay! One of our esteemed writers, Aaron Carter picks you up to speed on some of the concepts and tools which make this sandbox a unique asset in the land of this type of game genre. For those of you who … Continue reading

Team Crafted to host Minecraft event in Los Angeles on March 29th


If you’re a fan of Minecraft and are in the LA area, you should check out the Team Crafted event that’s happening Saturday, March 29th at 1:00pm at LA Live’s Club Nokia. Team Crafted is comprised of popular YouTubers and Minecraft players who wanted to make Minecraft videos. At the … Continue reading

Pick-Axed! The Minecraft fan film shutdown?!


Birth-Of-A-Man, a Minecraft feature-length fan film project by Brandon Laatsch, would have told the epic fantasy tale of pixelated, blocky proportions. Sadly, it has been shut down. The reason…intellectual properties, of course. The story would have been based on Brandon’s idea around the world of Minecraft since about a year … Continue reading

Hey Arnold, Rugrats, and Recess all grown up!


In short, Celeste is an Omaha, Nebraska-native, English-major, Art-minor and an excellent doodler! Showcasing some compilations of her artwork, she’s currently working on designs dedicated from Disney’s Recess. Her previous homages are the grown-up series dedicated to Rugrats and Hey Arnold!. Although some people noted, “Why are they all hipsters?” … Continue reading

Interview: Minecrafter ChimneySwift11 finds dancing shoes and equips it IRL


ChimneySwift11 sits atop the the YouTube pool with almost 700,000 subscribers and 200 million views. As a director of the Machinima Realm family, he has made his name by releasing a constant stream of Minecraft videos almost everyday. Dance Showdown, produced by the DanceOn Network, is now airing its 2nd Season’s 8th … Continue reading

The mighty juggernaut, Modern Warfare 3, falls to Minecraft on Xbox Live

minecraft cosplay

Minecraft, a game about building blocks, has topped Activision’s bread and butter, Modern Warfare 3, as the most played game on Xbox Live. Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. According to the stats by Major Nelson, the week of October 15th saw Minecraft at the top of the online Xbox service. … Continue reading

OUYA, the Android-based console


Anyone looking at Kickstarter these last couple of weeks could have seen this brand new open source gaming console; that’s right open source. This Android-based box has been designed by the same people that created the Jambox. What’s so special about this is the free-to-play model borrowed from games like … Continue reading

Minecraft Documentary Backers Get Sweet Swag, Including Executive Producer Credit

minecraft trio donor rewards

A documentary called, “Minecraft: The Story of Mojang”, is in the works, and 2 Player Productions has found an interesting way to gather the funds necessary to make said documentary: create cool Minecraft stuff for the financial backers based on how much cash they plunk down. They set a goal … Continue reading