The Symbiote Rumored to be Part of Spider-Man 4

Mike Villarreal

Lots of Spidey news has dropped lately! When we last reported, Sony appeared to have their eyes on a who’s who list of potential directors for the upcoming Spider-Man 4. Since then, Aquaman director and Saw creator James Wan has been added to the list, and Sony Pictures has been rumored to have already sent an offer to one of the named directors.

Today, Sony Pictures head Tom Rothman announced the upcoming Venom: The Last Dance would be the final Venom movie. In the same interview, Rotham also said, “Let me tell you, when the last of the Spider-Verse movies comes with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, it’s going to be a significant event, as will the next Tom Holland Spider-Man film… For those fans, that’s going to be a significant moment. We have those. The third and last Venom is going to be huge.”

While we can’t confirm what Rothman appears to be hinting at, what is interesting is that known movie scooper Daniel RPK just announced the fourth Tom Holland Spider-Man film will involve the symbiote that was left behind by Eddie Brock in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

In Venom: Let There Be Carage, Eddie Brock and Venom are pulled into Spider-Man’s universe. Unfortunately for many fans, Tom Hardy and Tom Holland never shared a scene together during No Way Home before Venom was returned to his universe. During the end-credits scene, we can see a small blob of the black symbiote left behind on the bar counter, and it moves just before the camera cuts to black.

If this rumor is true, it will be very interesting to see how the Symbiote will affect Tom Holland’s Spider-Man who is now all on his own since the events of No Way Home.

Daniel RPK also hints that Sony will announce the new director soon as they hope to begin production on Spider-Man 4 this fall. Stay tuned!