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Duncan Jones reveals details for a potential Warcraft 2 film

The Warcraft franchise is full of rich lore that could span several movies in order to cover everything. One of the challenges the film Warcraft faced, was being able to tell two clear

Deadpool leads the pack as most pirated film of 2016

This most pirated films of 2016 has been released by Bit Torrent courtesy of Torrent Freak. Most of the films included are what you would expect, a bunch of superhero and

Warcraft gets an Honest Trailer

Video game movies have carried a bad wrap for some time now, and with Warcraft, it doesn’t get any better. There was many that had high hopes the film would

Win Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone Hero codes

Update: Contest is now over. In honor of the release of Warcraft on Blu-ray, we have two game codes to give away. The two codes are also included with your purchase of

Critics may hate the Warcraft movie, but China loves it

Giving new meaning to the words, “review-proof“, the critically panned video game adaptation Warcraft defied global expectations, grossing an astounding $46 million in China on its opening day. This absolutely blows away

Warcraft movie review

Summertime blockbuster season is in full swing and the latest entry to the silver screen arena, Warcraft, will be in a theater near you June 10th. This movie is based

Overwatch streaming headed to Facebook

A new challenger is approaching the video game streaming arena. Gamers are very familiar with the world leader in gaming stream websites Twitch, and others may be familiar with less

Warcraft movie reviews are in… and it’s not off to a great start

Movies adapted from comic books are now a dime a dozen. There are many comic book movies that are praised by critics and fans, and the genre has been helping

Warcraft isn’t all about WoW

With Warcraft coming out, I’m pretty damn pumped. Okay, I’m more than that, but you just can’t see it. [dances around] Since the announcement of the film, I’ve been anticipating

Duncan Jones unveils Warcraft poster featuring Draka, says film will ‘veer off’ from game

During PAX East, director Duncan Jones released a new poster for the Warcraft movie. This one adds Draka, the female orc, to the main character posters. Draka is the wife

Fans upset with new Warcraft trailer’s out-of-place music

The new trailer for the Warcraft movie is here, and it’s looking very epic. We have two warring factions, the Horde and the Alliance, and the main characters are stuck in the

Fight or die in the latest ‘Warcraft’ trailer

FOR THE HORDE! FOR THE ALLIANCE! Today, Legendary released a brand new trailer for their upcoming film, Warcraft. As you can imagine, the film’s full of epic battles, magic, and

Legendary Comics’ Warcraft graphic novel cover revealed

Legendary Comics has revealed the cover for the Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood graphic novel, which takes place before the events of the Warcraft movie. The cover, illustrated by Kevin Tong,

Games to Film: A new era?

Video games to film isn’t anything new. Throughout history, we have had some good games made into mediocre to terrible films. Although with the Warcraft movie releasing a trailer that

Warcraft movie trailer is now here!

Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures have finally debuted the trailer for Warcraft, the movie based on the popular franchise by Blizzard. It’s perfect timing too, since BlizzCon, the convention for

2 new character posters for Warcraft released

The trailer premiere for Warcraft is coming out tomorrow, but before that, let’s check out two new characters posters that were released by Legendary and Universal. It features the leaders

15-second Warcraft teaser for the trailer already feels epic

Yesterday Legendary and Universal debuted the Warcraft poster and announced that a new trailer would be released this Friday. Now we have a 15-second video teasing the trailer, and it’s

Warcraft movie poster debuts, plus trailer this Friday

Universal and Legendary Pictures have debuted the poster for the Warcraft movie from director Duncan Jones (Source Code, Moon). If that isn’t enough to get fans excited, then they should

SDCC 2015: Legendary Pictures

We know you like your kaiju, your Tom Hiddleston and your Warcraft. Join us as we live blog from Hall H to bring any news and footage description straight to

Warcraft movie gets an updated synopsis

Two images of the Orc warchief, Orgim, was released recently. The orc, created by ILM, was shown off to hype up fans while also showing off the details of the

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