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Jake Gyllenhaal in talks for Spider-Man sequel as Mysterio

Deadline has reported that Disney is currently in talks with A-list actor Jake Gyllenhaal to play Mysterio. Quentin Beck was the most popular Mysterio in the Spider-Man realm and would

Topher Grace defends Sam Raimi and Spider-Man 3

It’s pretty universally known that Spider-Man 3 was not the best installment in Sam Raimi’s trilogy. Given how critically acclaimed and loved the first two films were, it was kind

Mimi Rogers joins Ash vs Evil Dead cast

Photo from AMC’s Mad Men Fan are eagerly awaiting for the return of Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in Starz’s upcoming series, Ash vs. Evil Dead. Now Starz has announced

Sam Raimi admits Spider-Man 3 is a failure

A lot of people hated Spider-Man 3. They hated the movie for stuffing in a lot of villains, the portrayal of Venom, the altered Uncle Ben death involving Sandman, and

The Evil Dead returns and will be a Starz TV series in 2015

Does the thought of the Evil Dead franchise getting a live-action TV series sound enticing? What? You have doubts because the Evil Dead remake didn’t star Bruce Campbell and didn’t have Sam

Sony and Naughty Dog working with Sam Raimi on a The Last of Us movie

The Last of Us was an amazing piece of video game art for the PlayStation 3, winning lots of awards and Game of the Year honors. Now it will be

Army of Darkness 2 – CONFIRMED

Director Fede Alvarez expressed his intention of joining his Evil Dead line with Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead saga. Both the Alvarez and Raimi camps were open about creating a series of movies

Raimi says fans pressured him into Evil Dead 4

Evil Dead fans have been wanting another sequel to the series ever since, well, Army of Darkness. Even though the Evil Dead remake is headed our way soon, it’s still

Not the Green Goblin We Got, but the Green Goblin We Deserved…

…Okay, maybe I was being a little over dramatic, but it is definitely more true to the comics. A new video has emerged on the web showing fans an early

Evil Dead Remake!

Evil Dead remake in the works!