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James Wan will be part of Resident Evil movie reboot

The Resident Evil series has been a staple for Capcom for many years. They’ve released many different sequels to the original film and it looks like it’s finally going to get a

New Aquaman photo of Amber Heard as Mera should make fans happy

DC and Warner Bros. have taken some liberties with the look of Arthur Curry, who’s played by Jason Momoa, in the DC Extended Universe. However, fans who prefer a character

Production is now underway for ‘Aquaman’

Aquaman finally sets sail. It’s happening!!! Production has officially started on Aquaman. Yesterday, director James Wan put up a set picture on Instagram with the caption: “Months of intensive prep

The Conjuring 2 – LA Film Fest Review

After the tremendous pressure that came from Fast 7, James Wan decided to go back to the genre that has defined his career: Horror. This time, Wan has decided to put

See how James Wan crafts his scares with this ‘Conjuring 2’ featurette

When horror films are churned out a brisk pace every year, director James Wan has definitely elevated the horror genre back to a respectable level. Warner Bros. has debuted a

Get scared with a virtual reality experience from The Conjuring 2!

With the recent release of the HTC Vive, the latest VR headset that has engrossed our culture with its technological and home entertainment opportunities, many companies and industries have tried

Rumor: Is Seth Grahame-Smith’s departure the first of many changes coming to the DCCU?

The DC Cinematic Universe has been in the news a lot today and a majority of them are negative news. In light of the news that Seth Grahame-Smith would be

James Wan to produce Mortal Kombat movie?

James Wan is definitely moving up in Hollywood. The Conjuring was a hit and was well-received by many. After that he took on Furious 7, which further catapulted him to

Jason Momoa is ‘super stoked’ with James Wan as Aquaman’s director

James Wan was recently revealed as the director for the upcoming Aquaman movie starring Jason Momoa. The director had a huge hit with Furious 7, which took in over $1 billion for

James Wan to direct Aquaman

Aquaman finally gets its director, and that is James Wan, as announced by Warner Bros. Wan helmed the recent Furious 7, and now he’s going to bring the aquatic superhero

Furious 7 director James Wan to helm Aquaman?

Furious 7 is doing great at the box office, and director James Wan is coming out as a hot director. How hot? So hot that Warner Bros. is eyeing him

Furious 7 Review

The Fast & Furious franchise is one of the rarest anomalies in Hollywood: A franchise that gets better with each installment. It’s crazy to think that this all started 14

Fear the clap in the ‘The Conjuring’ trailer

Check out the trailer for The Conjuring. I thought it was pretty creepy, and I would never hear clapping the same way again. I better see product placement from The