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E3 2019: Dragon Ball Project Z announcement and gameplay

E3 is off and running and news of upcoming, soon to be released games, and new IP are abound. Today, we heard about a new Dragon Ball Z game called

My Hero Academia’s Deku joins Bandai Namco’s Jump Force

Bandai Namco has introduced another world to the Jump Force universe. It is one filled with superheroes and supervillains with the Boku no Hero Academia aka My Hero Academia universe.

Jump Force introduces new characters including Yu-Gi-Oh

As the release “year” gets closer, more and more universes and characters are being introduced with their moves being teased. Today, five characters are introduced, two from existing universes and

Jump Force adds new fighters including Vegeta and One Piece characters

During the Gamescom show, new characters have been introduced to Jump Force. Bandai Namco introduced six new characters to the lineup and a new manga universe into the fold. First,

Qudan is the Tekken 7 World Tour Champion.

The Tekken World Tour Finals have concluded, and everyone lucky enough to watch the spectacle in person enjoyed quite a show. The full-day tournament saw the top qualifiers from USA, Europe,

Final Fantasy’s Noctis joins Tekken 7’s World Tournament next spring

The Tekken World Tour Finals held yesterday treated fans to the world’s top talents duking it out, digital fisticuff style. All day the tournament had been filled with upsets and other surprises, but

FPS ‘Get Even’ will have you following voices to save the day

Waking up without any memory isn’t an uncommon thing in video games. In Get Even you wake up in pain and start hearing voices, reminding you about a girl tied

Survive the cold in indie adventure Impact Winter

Impact Winter takes place after an asteroid has struck the earth and buried everything beneath constant snowfall. You play Jacob Solomon, a leader of a makeshift team just trying to

Challenge your childhood fears in Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is an adventure game where you play as Six, who explores a dollhouse called the Maw that is equal parts disturbing and whimsical. Each room is its own

New Dragon Ball site is counting down

Bandai Namco has promoted a new site regarding a new Dragon Ball project. When you enter the site it has images spanning all of the Dragon Ball series. No one

Project X Zone 2 to add a new company to the mix?

Even though Idea Factory International CEO Harusato Akenaga was unable to attend the inaugural press event recently, he did have a message for all those attending. It started off with a

Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigame’s Longest Day (PS3 review): Even the title is an oxymoron

Combining four short films and one video game, Short Peace takes some of Japanese animation’s biggest names and allows them to run free without boundaries. When you have names like

New Godzilla game coming to the PS3

With the success of the new film and the large amount of Godzilla merchandise flying off shelves, it should come as no surprise that a new Godzilla video game is

Interview with the Megaforce Rangers and Jason David Frank, AKA the Green Ranger

At San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Saban came in full force. They featured MegaForce, with a booth full of Power Ranger exclusives like the Limited Edition 4″ Green Dragon Ranger Figure including a

Play Tales of the Abyss on 3DS this Fall

Fans of some of the smaller developers, and perhaps in particular Japanese-centric games, often have to worry whether the game they’ve been looking forward to will make its way to

Soul Calibur 5 Information Coming May 11th

Does your soul still burn for Soul Calibur? It appears that we may be in for some new information on Soul Calibur V, or whatever they’re going to call it.