Wish – 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Steelbook Review

Mark Pacis


Disney’s Wish aspires to capture the magic that has defined the studio’s legacy, presenting a tale woven with enchantment and aspiration. Set against a rich backdrop of fantasy and magic, Wish skillfully combines time-honored Disney motifs with innovative narrative twists.

Disney has instilled the idea of hope and the transformative power of dreams into its legacy of animated films, which is also at the heart of Wish‘s story. Although the plot occasionally revisits familiar territory, it attempts to breathe new life into these well-loved themes, trying to strike that delicate balance between the comfort of predictability and the excitement of innovation. It succeeds at times, but there are also many instances where it fails. Regardless, the central message of persistence and self-belief shines through, even when the storyline approaches the conventional.

Character development in Wish reflects Disney’s signature blend of charm and complexity. Chief among them is Oscar-winner Ariana DeBose. Her performance vividly brings to life Asha’s emotional narrative. Complementing her on her journey is a large supporting cast that injects humor and depth into the film. However, these characters sometimes risk falling into stereotypical patterns, diminishing their identity.

Visually, Wish is a spectacle of Disney’s artistic prowess. With its breathtaking animation and lush color palette, the film creates an enchanting universe that merges the comfort of the known with the thrill of the new. Yet, there are instances where the visual grandeur seems to eclipse the storytelling, emphasizing aesthetic appeal more than narrative substance. At the same time, the musical score of Wish seamlessly integrates with its storytelling and visual presentation. Although the soundtrack is catchy, it might not capture the legendary status of Disney’s most famous songs.

Overall, Wish represents Disney’s endeavor to fuse its rich narrative heritage with fresh storytelling techniques. Although it might not revolutionize the animation genre and doesn’t work every time, Wish invites audiences of all ages to embark on a journey filled with discovery and delight, even as it treads a path sprinkled with nostalgia.

Movie Review: 3.5/5 atoms

Wish - Ariana DeBose and Alan Tudyk

Wish hits Ultra HD Blu-ray with an upscaled 4K, HEVC / H.265, HDR10 presentation with a 2.55:1 aspect ratio. The image quality is brilliant, with vivid highlights and profound blacks creating a mesmerizing display. Also, the HDR highlights are incredibly intense, enhancing the spectacle. The film exhibits excellent control over black levels, ensuring that darker scenes retain detail and depth without any loss. The color palette in Wish is vibrant, dominated by cool blues and lively greens. At the same time, the HDR enhances the visual experience, making the animation pop and stand out.

In Wish, the visual depth is remarkable, maintaining consistent quality from foreground to background. The animation’s nostalgic charm is visually appealing, with well-crafted crowd scenes and interior settings. These elements are clear and detailed, both in and out of focus, giving a polished look that’s hard to overlook.

Video Review: 5/5 atoms

Wish - Chris Pine

Wish hits Blu-ray with a Dolby Atmos or a 7.1 Dolby TrueHD audio presentation if Atmos is not supported. This review will cover the Blu-ray’s Dolby Atmos mix. The Atmos track offers well-balanced sound levels that create a dynamic and immersive audio experience. The setup brings a rich audio landscape to life, from the ethereal drift of wishes to the ambient sounds of crowds or nature settings. The height effects expertly complement the surround sound channels, focusing on enriching the soundstage rather than unnecessary movement. As a result, this leads to an excellently engineered sound mix. 

Also, the dialogue in Wish is crisply reproduced, ensuring every word is clear and contributes to the scene’s atmosphere. The precise dialogue placement enhances the overall immersion, making every conversation a crucial part of the viewing experience. Lastly, the music and sound effects provide a substantial bass impact. Scenes filled with magical intensity are particularly impactful, demonstrating the robust nature of the film’s sound design. 

Audio Review: 5/5 atoms

Wish - Alan Tudyk
Special Features

Wish doesn’t have any bonus features on the Ultra HD disc. However, the following bonus features can be found on the HD Blu-ray disc:

  • Once Upon a Studio
  • 100 Years in the Making: The Story of Wish
    • What Makes Disney, Disney
    • The Wish Equation
    • Looking Backward to Go Forward
    • Where Dreams and Reality Collide
    • Asha Means Wish
    • The Return of the Disney Villain
    • Star is Born
    • Those Who Stand Beside Me
    • When Wishes Come True
  • Wish D-Classified
  • Outtakes
  • Deleted Song “A Wish Worth Making” with Introduction by Directors Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn
  • Deleted Scenes – With Introductions by Head of Story Mark Kennedy
  • Song Selection
Features Assessment

Wish arrives with a decent assortment of extras that, while not groundbreaking, are far from mere filler. The deleted scenes reveal the extensive efforts to perfect the story, showcasing alternate elements and characters. The highlight is the documentary “100 Years in the Making: The Story of Wish.” This feature includes interviews with key contributors to the film in just over an hour, providing insights into their roles and experiences during the project. Despite its celebratory tone and moments of self-praise for Disney, the documentary presents intriguing details on the creative journey, especially the writers’ and animators’ methods in shaping the film’s aesthetic.

Wish - Steelbook Design

The Walmart-exclusive steelbook design features critical scenes depicted inside and outside and encapsulates the essence of the film. At the same time, the steelbook’s shiny metallic finish adds a layer of beauty and elegance.

Special Features Review: 3.5/5 atoms

While it may not entirely revolutionize the animation landscape, Wish stands as a testament to Disney’s enduring legacy and forward-looking vision in animated storytelling. At the same time, the film captivates visually and delivers an exceptional audio experience with its Atmos soundtrack. Although it’s limited, the bonus content on the Wish Blu-ray offers enough to entertain and inform fans, shedding light on the creative nuances of this animated feature. These extras are well worth exploring for lovers of film production and Disney enthusiasts.

Overall Review: 4/5 atoms

Wish is now available at Walmart on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray.

This Blu-ray was provided by Buena Vista Home Entertainment for review purposes.