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My memorable ’90s cartoons

Being born in the mid-80s and moving here to America in the early ’90s introduced me and my siblings to American television. And from that, we discovered American TV cartoons

Hip-hop stars invade Springfield

The Simpsons are going to have 3 hip-hop stars, among other celebrities, for a 1-hour special, as Snoop, RZA, and Common will all be in Springfield to attend a party. Also

FXX to do a marathon of The Simpsons

I don’t usually do marathons, but this is one I may do. This is not your normal marathon; there is not much running to do (if any), and you probably

Frank Grimes returns to The Simpsons for 600th episode

We hardly knew him. For the short time we did, we saw that he was highly irritable, hard to please, but always the voice of reason with a strict adherence

Why I still love The Simpsons

It’s been 26 years and The Simpsons is still entertaining the masses which its comedic charm and political satire. Each individual character on The Simpsons is relatable yet has their

The Simpsons movie references supercut

  I’m not sure if The Simpsons invented the movie reference homages that they are so well known for, but they certainly popularized them. And after 20+ years in the business of

Top 5 songs from The Simpsons

I have been a Simpsons fan since the ’90s when I came to America, and during those 10-plus years, it gave my brothers, sister and I many hours of enjoyment. They had

Boo-urns! The Simpsons’ slow slide into mediocrity

There was a time in my life when nothing in pop culture was more important to me than my weekly sojourns to Springfield, USA. What started out as a crudely drawn

Rick and Morty invade The Simpsons couch gag this Sunday

This Sunday, Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty will pay The Simpsons an unexpected visit during the opening moments of The Simpsons’ season finale. “This couch gag plays like a full-fledged mini-episode,”

New The Simpsons seasons may happen without Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders and Skinner?

The Simpsons may not have the same charm in the upcoming seasons because Harry Shearer, who voices many of the Simpsons characters, may not be returning. The voice actor has lent his

Co-creator of The Simpsons has passed away

Today we have lost another legend. Simpsons’ co-creator Sam Simon has passed away Sunday, as confirmed by his reps. He was 59 years old and was diagnosed with colon cancer

Homer Simpson beats scientists to the Higgs boson

Is the Springfield nuclear power plant safety officer smarter than he is letting on? If he was able to outwit some of the brightest minds on the plant, then yes,

Review: The Simpsons Family History book

It’s been twenty-five years since everyone’s favorite cartoon family, The Simpsons, premiered. A glut of events happened this year to celebrate, including the much-publicized Simpsons marathon on FXX. To also

First Simpsons-Futurama crossover photo!

Not only are The Simpsons going to do a crossover episode with Family Guy, but we will be seeing our favorite FOX family interacting with our favorite animated space heroes –

Homer Simpson does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Now that many stars are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, Homer has taken this chance to also raise awareness. Homer has challenged Flanders, Lenny, and Flanders (again). Oh, and he

SDCC 2014: Check out The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode trailer!

It’s finally here. It was reported previously that The Simpsons and Family Guy, both being Fox shows, will be doing a crossover episode. The five-minute trailer was released at San

SDCC 2014: Saturday schedule revealed

• Preview night + Thursday • Friday • Sunday San Diego Comic-Con 2014 has just released the schedule for Saturday, July 26 and it comes with some very heavy hitters

Manual of Mischief review: Bart Simpson’s guide to pranks and gags

Welcome back, “Reactorteers”(patent pending), for another exciting review. Woohoo! This week we take a look at Bart Simpson’s Manual of Mischief. Being a book that is about pranks and gags, who

The Trash Heap – Bart vs The Space Mutants

  Another week, another bad video game! This episode of the Trash Heap, I delve into the beginnings of a trend that will last the entire history of video games:

Sneak Peak of Stan Lee’s appearance on The Simpsons

The Hollywood Reporter has posted a sneak peak of Stan Lee’s cameo on an upcoming Simpsons episode. And from the looks of it it will introduce a new character in

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