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SDCC 2017: BBC America pays homage to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor

BBC America presented Peter Capaldi and Doctor Who fans attending the San Diego Comic-Con Doctor Who panel with a video dedicated to Capaldi’s run as the beloved 12th Doctor. In the

LEGO Dimensions voice talent includes Michael J. Fox, Chris Pratt, Peter Capaldi, Alison Brie and more!

This is a very special year for Back to the Future fans. October 21, 2015, marks the day Marty McFly goes to the future. It’s the day we saw the

Doctor Who S8E10 ‘In the Forest of the Night’ review

My favorite moments in Doctor Who are when the Doctor discovers the hidden “secret” to a conundrum or a villain, and swoops in to save the day. And likewise, the

Review – Doctor Who season 8 premiere

The episodes that introduce each new incarnation of Doctor Who always fill me with a great deal of internal anguish. On the one hand, I’m always excited to see what

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi on the new Doctor!

BBC America has released a new exclusive video of Peter Capaldi’s thoughts on the new Doctor. The video also includes clips from the first episode of the Doctor interacting with Clara

Doctor Who season 8, episode 1: ‘Deep Breath’ trailer

With the anticipation of the first episode of Doctor Who starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor coming next weekend, BBC One released the first episode trailer for ‘Deep Breath’. In

Doctor Who: The first full trailer for the 8th season!

Yesterday, everyone was talking about the World Cup, but for Whovians, the chatter was all about the Doctor Who trailer that premiered during half time. We got to see Peter

Doctor Who: season 8, episode 1-5 scripts leaked!

The new season of Doctor Who is set to premiere on August 23rd, but the scripts to five of the first episodes have been leaked online. The BBC are investigating

Titan Comics presents the Twelfth Doctor!

BBC and Titan Comics just released the images that will be used for the 12th Doctor’s comic book debut. It will be written by Eagle award winner Robbie Morrison (Drowntown,

Doctor Who: Season 8 teaser trailer!

BBC just released a TV teaser trailer for the 8th season of Doctor Who featuring the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. What a tease! It just showed Capaldi’s silhouette against an

Doctor Who: the 12th Doctor gets a puppet!

Alisa Stern, director and creator of The Doctor Puppets,  has released a puppet of the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi in his costume. She has handcrafted each puppet starting with the 9th

Check out the 12th Doctor’s official costume!

Check the 12th Doctor’s Peter Capaldi out! Really digging his new outfit. The red lining inside of his coat reminds me of the 3rd Doctor’s cape. Very modern so it

Doctor Who: First Peter Capaldi images/video as The Doctor

Thanks to several Doctor Who fans who find the filming sites and wait there (if only I were in Cardiff), we were able to see Capaldi’s scene as the Doctor…

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi as the Doctor

BBC has released a photo from The Time of the Doctor of Peter Capaldi with Jenna Coleman (Clara). We don’t have a photo with his new costume (sorry, cosplayers), but

Official BBC statements regarding Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor

The BBC released official statements from the cast and crew of Doctor Who regarding Peter Capaldi being picked as The 12th Doctor. Steven Moffat, head writer and executive producer said:

The 12th Doctor ANNOUNCED and is…

The anticipated question is here… What is the Doctor’s name? Oh… No… not that one. Who is the new Doctor that will be regenerating in the Christmas Special this December?