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Braveheart – 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

Braveheart is quite possibly one of the greatest historical epics of all-time. It ranks high up there with the greats like Lawrence of Arabia and Ben-Hur. It’s one of those

Mel Gibson criticizes violence in Marvel films

One of the beautiful (or perhaps terrible) things about art is that it’s open to so many interpretations. That’s sort of the point of it. The same thing can be

Mel Gibson is down to direct Iron Man 4

Do you hear that, Marvel? Oscar-winning director Mel Gibson wants to direct Iron Man 4. This comes after Robert Downey Jr. teasing that he would do the fourth film if

The Mad Max Trilogy heads to Blu-ray June 4th

With all the bad press that Mel Gibson is receiving, I can always count on his old movies to remind me of happier times. It was a time where he