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Shenmue 3 is a mixed bag of emotions (Review)

Just the name of this review likely provides an impression of where this review will end up, but Shenmue 3 has been a mixed bag of emotions from the start.

CarWink: Communicate with nearby drivers via icons and emojis

I first heard of CarWink at CES 2019, but they have been around for years. When I stopped by the booth, I thought they had some kind of Pokémon ball

Blossom Detective Holmes: The Animated Mini-Series (Kickstarter)

Animation director Steve Ahn, who worked on the recent Voltron animation and operated as the storyboard artist for Guardians of the Galaxy (also Legend of Korra, Ben 10, The Cleveland Show,

‘Itsy Bitsy’ director Micah Gallo discusses inspirations for upcoming horror film

We got a chance to check out a trailer last week about big spiders, and it was incredible! Unfortunately, it did freak out a couple of the writers here at

The fear is very real in trailer for upcoming horror film ‘Itsy Bitsy’

One of the most profound films I’ve ever had a chance to experience was a small nonchalant movie from the early nineties, aptly called Arachnophobia. This film, starring Jeff Daniels, Julian Sands and

A Hat in Time, a 3D platformer coming October 5

It seems to me that a lot of gamers are not aware of the upcoming release of A Hat in Time, a 3D platformer from a new studio Gears for Breakfast

Heart Forth, Alicia is a must-play Metroidvania game in 2017

Two years ago, a small Kickstarter got the attention of 7,472 backers. While the developer was trying to initially raise $60,000, it instead raised $232,365 and thus began the tale

My Name is Stardust: A new type of children’s book

A father and daughter have teamed up to write what looks like a fantastic book. My Name is Stardust is a story that takes Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s saying that “we are

Science Wide Open Kickstarter: Creating books to inspire little girls in science

If you ask kids to name some scientists or inventors, they’d probably name Albert Einstein, Leonard Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, and even Charles Darwin. If you google “Famous Scientists”, you’ll get

ZipBuds introduces ‘Catalyst’ earbuds to the world

Music and working out go hand in hand. It gets you pumped up and motivated to run that extra mile. It can even be the best way to keep those

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been delayed to 2018

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was set to release sometime next year. Koji Igarashi has posted a development update for the game revealing that the game will be delayed to sometime

Shadow of the Colossus-inspired game hits Kickstarter

If there was ever a time to bang the Kickstarter drum for an independent video game, now is the time. Last year there was some Internet buzz over a reveal

Is Mighty No. 9 really that bad? My review as a backer

The year was 20xx… wait, I meant it was 2013 when Keiji Inafune first introduced the Kickstarter campaign for Mighty No. 9 to the world. It was a project that would

Mighty No. 9’s backer release is one huge train wreck!

Imagine spending anywhere from $20-$250 dollars to make a project you want to believe in actually happen. It’s been almost three years since you’ve already paid for the item, and

Bloodstained will be playable at E3, new footage revealed

Former Castlevania director Koji “Iga” Igarashi is set as a guest of honor at this year’s Anime Expo. It won’t be his only appearance at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Bloodstained:

Yooka-Laylee preview revealed

So about a year ago, the company PlayTonic Games unveiled their Kickstarter campaign to help fund a spiritual successor to the hugely popular Banjo-Kazooie series, Yooka-Laylee. Fast forward a year

Hitch Theaters: take the drive-in theater with you

Hitch Theaters, a new Kickstarter campaign, lets you take the drive-in movie-going experience with you wherever you go. It utilizes the trailer hitch on your truck or SUV to hold

Chronicles of Elyria will change the way you look at MMOs

Chronicles of Elyria is a dream MMO set to change the way you look at MMOs altogether, and through the power of Kickstarter, it will now be a reality. Chronicles

Kickstarter: Blade of Honor: a new Sci-Fi story we’ve been waiting for

There have been many requests on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to fund many web series, most of which are fan-made films of other movies that have been done before. This isn’t

New uncut Escaflowne HD dub is all set to go

Anime fans who remember the ’90s might remember a certain mecha-fantasy-romance anime series called The Vision of Escaflowne that appealed to both male and female audiences alike. Funimation is now bringing