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Hellboy reboot disappoints at box office with $12 million opening

The filmmakers behind the Hellboy reboot promised a violent and gory film, but was it enough to bring audiences to the theaters? The film was critically panned by critics, and one reviewer even said

Hellboy reboot is getting slammed by critics, plus reports of drama on set

Hellboy is coming to theaters this weekend, and it’s a reboot that stars Stranger Things’ David Harbour as the titular hero. The movie has been promoted as a violent, gory, and R-rated

New red-band Hellboy trailer is more epic than the first

When the first trailer for the Hellboy reboot came out, it was met with criticism. There were plenty of fans who were disappointed at the tone of the film since

The Hellboy reboot will be rated R for strong bloody violence and gore

The filmmakers for the Hellboy reboot were aiming for an R-rating, and that had many fans excited about an even darker take on the half-demon superhero. However, there were fans that

New Hellboy trailer is here and fans aren’t happy with it

A Hellboy reboot is coming starring Stranger Things’ David Harbour. We’ve seen a photo of the actor as the red superhero, and he was looking buff and menacing. Well, a

Check out the first look at David Harbour as the new Hellboy

Our first look at the new Hellboy reboot is here! It’s all thanks to Hellboy’s creator Mike Mignola, who tweeted the image of the Stranger Things actor, David Harbour, as

Ed Skrein steps down from Hellboy following whitewashing controversey

British actor Ed Skrein announced earlier today his departure from the Hellboy reboot after the whitewashing controversy regarding his casting. Skrein, known for his role as the villain, Ajax, in

R-Rated Hellboy reboot announced without Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman

Since the original film debuted back in 2004, Hellboy has been a name relatively synonymous with Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman. Obviously because del Toro directed both that and

Guillermo Del Toro says Hellboy 3 is dead

  Hellboy is one of those cult classic films that comic book fans everywhere, want more of. With the success of the first Hellboy film, followed by the not quite as successful

Ron Perlman becomes Hellboy again for a Good Cause

It’s stories like this that makes this somewhat jaded writer crack a smile. A well known special effects company by the name of Spectral Motion (Hellboy and X-Men) has helped

Comic Hit List: Hellboy – The Fury #3

In this final issue of a three part miniseries the wielder of the right hand of doom stands alone without allies against the terrible might of the dragon known as Nimue. This

28 Gauge Handgun?! Hellboy’s Good Samaritan a Reality?

Stumbled onto this behemoth of a handgun while surfing the interweb tonight and just had to share it with our readers here on Nerd Reactor.  Recently Taurus International Manufacturing Inc.