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AX 2018: Legendary and Sunrise collaborate to create live-action Gundam

Day one of Anime Expo had some big news, but none was bigger than the reveal of a live-action collaboration between Legendary and Sunrise. Sunrise President and CEO Yasuo Miyakawa

Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force (PS Vita) – Review

By Xchel Nakamura Gundam is a series you may have grown up watching, or at least have heard about from your friends, especially since it’s been around since the ’90s

Checking out toy distributor Bluefin’s open house

The folks at Bluefin invited us to take a look inside their new warehouse. As you walk into the office, you are greeted with a life-size Hulkbuster. Talk about an

Gundam: Extreme VS Force Limited Edition PS Vita and PlayStation TV announced

In North America, it seems the PlayStation Vita is all but dead with only a handful of companies still releasing games for the system. It’s a different story in Japan. Apparently

AX 2014 – Bluefin Tamashii Nations

Bluefin Distribution/Tamashii Nations have been a big name for collectors with their different offerings from anime, video games, and pop culture franchises. While Tamashii Nations is well known in Japan for releasing some

AX 2014: Sunrise Announcement Panel

Veteran animation studio Sunrise held another panel this year at Anime Expo to announce brand new titles in the works and touch base with the fans. This year, the panel had

Bluefin Tamashii Nations September releases

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has announced some of their September 2014 releases, so let’s take a look at a few of the upcoming items to add to your collection. The Metal Build

Bandai Namco Games at WonderCon 2014

Wonder Con has always had a few gaming companies showcasing their upcoming line up, but this year there were only two big gaming companies on the floor, Nintendo and Bandai

Macross exhibit open in Japan

If you will be visiting Japan and are a big fan of Macross, this is your chance to see a life-sized VF-25F Messiah from Macross F. If you’re not a fan

10-ft Tall Gundam Built out of Model Scraps

Take a second to think about how many models you’ve built in your lifetime. Now, out of all those models, how much leftover plastic have you thrown away? Well, one