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New Deadpool billboard has poop emoji

The Deadpool marketing team is having lots of fun with the ads for the upcoming film starring Ryan Reynolds. We’ve seen Deadpool wear an ugly Christmas sweater, close-up crotch shots,

Patton Oswalt’s Episode VII idea gets animated

About 2 months ago, Patton Oswalt delivered a very inspiring and elaborate idea for Star Wars Episode VII on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Albeit being very descriptive, it left a

Patton Oswalt as The Penguin makes Batman look more like Badman

Batman has always been about subduing criminals and criminal masterminds, but never actually killing them. It’s sort of the code he has for himself, very similar to how Dexter is

Sorry Michael Arndt, Patton Oswalt has an even more awesome idea for Episode VII

Patton Oswalt is one super-nerd, as you can tell by his Halloween costume with his daughter, and he decided to put that to good use this week as he’s guest starring