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Marry Me Review – A Standard Lighthearted Rom-Com Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

It’s a lot of people’s dream to get together a celebrity, but in this case, that’s what Marry Me is all about. Yet, despite being a dream of so many, it still

The French Dispatch – Blu-ray Review

Wes Anderson has an overtly unique way of delivering a screenplay that captures the audience’s attention and interest. However, there’s a difference between liking his films and keeping the viewer’s

Extended sneak peek reveals more about McQueen’s journey in Pixar’s Cars 3

Pixar, much like Santa (hey, Christmas ain’t over until it’s next Christmas), came and visited us in the middle of the night, and left a present for the world to

Wilson and Helms go on a quest to find their dad in the first trailer for ‘Bastards’

When your Dad is the greatest person you’ve ever known, you’d do anything in your power to help honor his legacy. Whether it be naming your son after him or becoming

Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess to direct Shanghai Knights follow-up

In the continued storyline of Jackie Chan’s career renaissance, Chan and Owen Wilson are in talks to star in the third film in their popular Shanghai Noon film series. Released over

Zoolander 2 coming to theaters February 2016

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson pulled a stunt at the Valentino Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week. The two comedy actors dressed up as their respective Zoolander characters, Derek Zoolander