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Dumbo Review

Disney has been no stranger to live-action adaptations of their animated film library. The first adaptation, The Jungle Book, was released all the way back in 1994. Yet it was

Tim Burton revisits the magic of a Disney classic in ‘Dumbo’ teaser

Usually when people think of the Disney animated classic, Dumbo, they tend to think of really only two things: either the racist crows or the hallucination scene (yes, there was a

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

I admit that I did like Miss Peregrine when I first reviewed the film back in September. However, as it sometimes is with any second viewings, the allure of the

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Review

The words “young adult” is correlated with teen angst films with an incredibly cheesy romantic plot. There’s a certain negative connotation with the words “young adult novels.” For regular moviegoers,

CinemaCon 2016: ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ footage description

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children seems like the type of book that was tailor made for the weird and twisted mind of Tim Burton. Sure enough, Tim Burton is

Edward Scissorhands 25th Anniversary Blu-ray review

Edward Scissorhands is one of Tim Burton’s best films, perhaps even THE best. It has become a classic fairytale beloved by many, and the film still holds up today. An old

Edward Scissorhands 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Giftset coming October 13

One of Tim Burton’s most beloved films, Edward Scissorhands, is getting a special 25th anniversary Limited Edition Commemorative Blu-ray Giftset and Digital HD on October 13th. The film will be

PETA wants Tim Burton to change the ending to Dumbo

It shouldn’t be a surprise that animal activist group PETA is not too thrilled over the idea of a new Dumbo movie. The news came out this past week that Tim Burton will

Tim Burton to direct live-action Dumbo movie?

I’m actually not surprised by the the news of Tim Burton directing a live-action Dumbo film for Disney. Disney has been recently turning their classic animated films into modern live-action

McDonald’s wasn’t happy with Batman Returns

Tim Burton, the director of Batman and Batman Returns, sheds some more light on why he left the Batman franchise. With the first two Batman films, he was able to

Tim Burton is tired of the Marvel movie formula

Tim Burton is one of the pioneers of superhero films. Thanks to Batman (1989), we were introduced to a grittier and darker version of the DC comic book superhero. Now

Tim Burton’s Batman 25th Anniversary Blu-ray releases in November

For the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release the Batman 25th Anniversary Two-Disc Edition Blu-ray. It will be getting the Diamond Luxe collector-style packaging. The

Tim Burton, Nicolas Cage and Kevin Smith’s failed Superman movie gets a documentary trailer

Before Man of Steel and Superman Returns, there was Superman Lives. It was a project that Tim Burton was working on with Nicolas Cage as Superman and Kevin Smith as

Danny Fingeroth and Denny O’Neil on 25th Anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman

On June 23rd, 1989, Tim Burton’s Batman was released in America and began what would become known as “The Summer of Batman.” On June 23, 2014, the 25th Anniversary of

San Diego Comic-Con souvenir book cover revealed

Yesterday the cover for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con souvenir book was revealed and it was what I expected it to be, with the cover depicting Batman and illustrated by Jim

Michael Keaton is down for Beetlejuice 2!

Tim Burton has said that he was interested in doing the sequel to Beetlejuice, the movie that catapulted Michael Keaton’s into stardom. If the sequel does happen, that means that

If Doctor Who crossed over with Tim Burton, we’d probably get this (art)

I love me some cool and unique artwork, and here’s a collection inspired by both Tim Burton and Doctor Who. What’s impressive is that artist Michael Kenny is only 15

OnStar Batman commercials bridged the gap between Batman films

In the early 2000s before superhero films became a dependable genre, Onstar commissioned a series of commercials featuring Batman to promote their new guiding system. Bare in mind, when these

Experiencing the music of Danny Elfman

I’ll admit this right now: I’m probably one of the most uncultured people on the NR staff. Fancy occasions like orchestral concerts generally aren’t my thing. I mean, I play

It’s official, Tim Burton is considering directing the Beetlejuice sequel

When Schmoes Know announced that Tim Burton was going to direct the sequel to Beetlejuice for Warner Bros. last week, many thought it was just a rumor. The site said that it

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