Movies That Inspired The Batman

Some of the inspirations for The Batman.

The Batman Inspiration

Photo Credit: Jonathan Olley

Based on the true story of a serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area in the '60s and '70s.


The franchise features Jigsaw, a killer who sets traps, giving its victims a chance to escape.


A film following two reporters researching a botched burglary.

All the President's Men

New York detectives go after a French heroin smuggler.

The French Connection

It follows a taxi driver who becomes detached from reality.

Taxi Driver

A neo-noir crime film that follows a detective who follows a call girl and later stars a romance.


A neo-noir crime film where a private eye investigates his client's husband.


The story follows a news photographer who thinks he saw a murder.

Rear Window

A drama loosely based on Kurt Cobain.

Gus Van Sant's Last Days