Scream (2022) Review

Scream is back

Scream (2022) is a frightening affair populated with beloved legacy characters and appealing new ones.

It's a Requel

While Scream (2022) acts as a homage to the original 1996 film, it also diverts expectations by playing upon the material we already know.

Meta Jokes

The movie combines in-jokes, the usual scares, and a biting social commentary on toxic fandom.


Sadly, too much exposition about rules that a majority of the audience knows about already completely bogs down the film. 

The scares

The jump scares lay in waiting until it’s the right time for it to strike. It catches you off guard, and that’s where most of the fun happens.

the OG

The legacy stars haven’t lost a beat.

New Cast

Jenna Ortega pops on the screen and Melissa Barrera brings forth a multi-layered character. 

final reaction

Scream (2022) isn’t a film that’ll break new boundaries, nor will it revolutionize the genre as its predecessor did, but it is a delight.