Prey Movie Review

The Predator franchise is known for pitting humans against deadly alien hunters, from the jungles and the streets of LA to an alien planet and back to Earth.

Director Dan Trachtenberg and his team deliver a solid Predator film with beautiful cinematography, tense buildup, and exciting action.

With Prey, it’s a return to the basics where a warrior tries to survive a Predator in the middle of the wilderness.

Amber Midthunder is Naru, a young and skilled Comanche warrior trying to prove herself to her tribe.

Set during the 1700s in the Comanche Nation, a Predator, nicknamed Feral by the filmmakers, has been dispatched on the search for a worthy opponent.

The design of the Feral Predator feels more primitive compared to the others in the previous films, but it's one of the most bad-ass Predators by far.

The film features an intriguing parallel story where Naru and the Predator both get a feel for hunting.

Dakota Beavers is Taabe, Naru’s brother and an experienced warrior. Although this is his first feature, he was a compelling and kick-ass character.

Amber portrays a character who fails and learns from her mistakes, making her journey intriguing.

The Predator shines with plenty of killer moments, including a one-shot scene where he dominates a rival group like a scene out of 300.

Prey is an exhilarating film and a worthy prequel to the Predator franchise.

Prey is now available on Hulu.



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