Moulin Rouge! The Musical Review

Moulin Rouge! The Musical is based on Baz Luhrmann’s film, which captivated audiences worldwide with its cover of popular songs, colorful scenes, and over-the-top editing and style.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical is an out-of-this-world show that takes the jukebox musical formula to a whole other level with elaborate sets, vibrant outfits, fabulous dance choreography and playful characters.

The musical still follows Christian, a writer who falls for Satine, the Sparkling Diamond of Moulin Rouge. Instead of a British background, he is from Ohio in the United States.

The show really takes advantage of the jukebox format, and the music licensing team has been busy! These include songs from pop artists like Sia, Britney Spears, Adele, and more. 

Mouline Rouge! The Musical has outdone itself with the special effects, costumes, dancing and sets. Each time the production switches out the background sets, it's always a sight to behold with a new scene.

The team has used a lot of cool effects to give audiences a really immersive experience including projection mapping, giant screens displaying moving backgrounds, dynamic lighting and practical props and sets.

The cast has done a wonderful job including getting the crowd pumped. Conor Ryan captures Christian, the dreamer who brings a sense of innocents and naivety, and Courtney Reed as Satine is as sparkling as a diamond with how she electrifies the crowd.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical is a terrific stage production with beautiful sets, sizzling choreography, and catchy pop songs. The addition of a lot of pop songs can be overwhelming for some, but it's a fantastical show from beginning to end that will convert many into the wonders of stage musicals.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical is now playing in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre now through September 4, 2022. It's touring across the country until September 2023.



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