Resident Evil Lady Dimitrescu Is an Internet Sensation

By John Nguyen

Fans have been falling in love with the new Resident Evil Village antagonist, Lady Dimitrescu.

Capcom has acknowledged the love people have for the tall vampire beauty.

"For a lot of people, especially who have submissive desires or desires to be more passive, there is a thrill that comes with being under the control of others."

- Erotica Writer Gemma Glitter on why  people are fascinated with Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu stars in a sock puppet show featuring the cast of Resident Evil Village

Cosplayers like Yaya Han have recreated the look of the deadly immortal.

Photographer @nikolayshlykov snaps a photo of Ekaterina, a model who is 6'9" tall. As for Lady Dimitrescu, she is 9'6".

Sculptor Yasorou crafted and painted a 6.5-inch tall Lady Dimitrescu figurine.

Capcom had a Lady Dimitrescu giveaway for a life-size towel. The video compares the height of a man next to the towering villain.

Capcom has released concept art for Lady Dimitrescu to get fans hyped for Resident Evil Village