Highlights from DesignerCon 2021

DesignerCon 2021 was held at the Anaheim Convention Center. The event showcases art and design for collectible toys, customs, plush, designer apparel and more.

This is a fiberglass sculpture with a steel base that’s inspired by The Shining.

Andrew Heath’s Frozen Culture has collectibles shaped like ice cream, and the theme was Back to the Future.

This giant statue is formed by different types of items and is highly detailed.

Tristan Eaton’s Vice Lord

This piece is inspired by Sam Raimi's Evil Dead. It features Ash and the Necronomicon.

Das Frank’s Cabin Capers

Lindsey Pollard’s Dance, Dance, Dance features cartoony creatures in black and white.

Valency Genis’ Quimby, Lantz, and Tex are head trophies of cartoon animals.

Shag’s The Way of the Mercenary features tiki-inspired artwork of Star Wars' Boba Fett and his ship.

Rachel Simanjuntak’s Minizakis had tiny displays with cute little critters hidden throughout.