DC League of Super-Pets Review

DC League of Super-Pets is an animated film featuring the voice of Dwayne Johnson as Krypto, Superman's pet Labrador Retriever, and Kevin Hart as Ace.

There are movies born of obvious inspiration and perspiration from everyone involved. Then there are films made strictly for “cash grab.” DC League of Super-Pets is the latter.

When the entire Justice League gets taken down by the telekinetic Lulu (Kate McKinnon), Krypto must team up with a band of shelter pets (Kevin Hart, Vanessa Bayer, Diego Luna, and Natasha Lyonne) if he’s to save Superman and the world.

Director Jared Stern delivers the same charisma he brought to The LEGO Batman Movie to DC League of Super-Pets. Alongside that charm, the movie also has a necessary message of friendship that’s worth telling—especially to children nowadays. 

Stern and John Whittington’s script is chock full of DC Comics Easter eggs and even a handful of cheeky references to Marvel superheroes. However, they feel as if they were ham-fisted in there for the sake of making references the audience will recognize.

At the same time, the movie spends more time joking about the Justice League than fleshing out the rest of the main characters.

Thankfully, DC League of Super-Pets is primarily a Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart movie. As we’ve seen onscreen and off-screen, they have incredible chemistry together. In Super-Pets, their good-natured bickering remains but in animated dog form. 

Unfortunately, the focus on Johnson and Hart also means that the supporting characters of PB, Chip, and Merton are surprisingly underdeveloped.

As for the animation of DC League of Super-Pets, the folks at Warner Animation Group did an excellent job. Sadly, there’s nothing that sets it apart from other 3D-animated flicks.

DC League of Super-Pets is a fun movie that families (especially families that are DC fans) will enjoy. However, those looking to find a little more meat in their superhero films might want to look elsewhere. 



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