Russos Wanted Chris Evans ‘Polar Opposite’ of Captain America in The Gray Man

The Russo Brothers have been working with Chris Evans on many films since Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

The brothers are working with Evans again in Netflix's The Gray Man.

Credit: Paul Abell, Netflix

For the Netflix film, they wanted his character to be the polar opposite of Captain America.

"There is a character in The Gray Man called Lloyd Hanson that is the polar opposite [of Captain America],” Anthony Russo said. “It’s as far away as you can get."

Credit: Paul Abell, Netflix

He added, "So this movie is designed as a two-hander, a mano-a-mano action film between Chris Evans as Lloyd Hanson and Ryan Gosling as the Gray Man."

Credit: Paul Abell, Netflix

“You’ve seen what we can do when we sort of play in the fantasy realm with Marvel movies,” Russo said.

“But this movie is set in the real world," he continued. "And this is a big swing at the spy genre that Netflix was very game to take. And we’re very proud of the results.”

The Gray Man stars Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. It will premiere on Netflix on July 22, 2022.



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