The Cast of Cobra Kai on Season 5

The cast of Cobra Kai talks about what fans can expect in the fifth season.

he’s changing. I mean, he’s got a new heart growing in him.

– William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence)

there’s always the other side of him lurking underneath that pops out here and there in the season.

– Zabka

I’ve always wanted to fight Hawks in the beginning because I think that we have some of the biggest tempers on the show.

– Peyton List (Tory)

After season four, when I got that beat down from Dallas (Kenny Payne), I kind of got the message that I got to start figuring this stuff out

– Griffin Santopietro, (Anthony LaRusso) 

So since then, I’ve been boxing outside of filming, and it’s been really helpful, especially this last season.

– Santopietro

COBRA KAI Season 5 premierS on NETFLIX ON September 9, 2022.



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