Best Virtual Reality Games To Play Now

The virtual reality industry is getting bigger and bigger. Here are the best VR games to try out now!

VR Is Here to Stay

Survios' VR game lets you create music and sound like a professional DJ even if you're a beginner.


Arguably the best VR game available, the game truly utilizes the VR platform with immersive controls and high fidelity graphics.

Half-Life: Alyx

Yes, there is Vader Immortal, but the mod for Blade and Sorcery blows the official Star Wars game out of the water with a lot of weapons, customization and scenarios. You can even execute Order 66.

Blade and Sorcery

Imagine Dance Dance Revolution and Star Wars had a baby. Cut through shapes to the beat of the music.

BEAT Saber

The game has VR mode that truly captures the feeling of flying through space in your favorite Star Wars ship.

Star Wars Squadrons

This is one of the scariest VR games out there for the PSVR. There is a VR mod for PC by praydog.

Resident Evil 7

This PSVR title has players becoming an action hero as they shoot enemies to save the day.

Blood & Truth

The Microsoft game has VR available on PC, and flying around the virtual globe never felt better.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The VR game mixes first-person and third-person view for a beautiful action-adventure puzzle game.


No Man's Sky has a VR mode that's immersive as players take off and travel to different planets and explore the big open space.

No Man's Sky 

From the world of EVE Online, it's a multiplayer competitive space combat game that will keep you on your toes with fast flying and quick shooting. 

Eve: Valkyrie



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