10 Badass Women of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Xena: The Warrior Princess

After being a ruthless WARLORD and in charge of hundreds of men, she seeks redemption from her sins and saves a lot of people – by herself, and sometimes with companion Gabrielle.

Doctor Who's River Song

She has the DNA of a Time Lord and married the Doctor. She also has a PhD, time traveler, and went back in time to kick Hilter’s butt.

A genius and a little insane, River was gifted in everything she did  – math, dance, science, and even fighting. And damn, she could fight… a room full of Reavers.

Firefly's River Tam

Buffy Summers

Being “the chosen one” to save the world at such a young age can be very daunting, but she kicks a lot of supernatural butts.

Éowyn (Lord of the Rings)

She disguised herself as a soldier and killed the Nazgûl Witch-King. Enough said.

Ellen Ripley (Aliens)

She was the only surviving human on her ship and goes on a rampage killing the aliens to survive. She also punched Bill Paxton.

Zoe Washburne (Firefly)

Second-in-command of Serenity. One of the deadliest fighters ever. She’s also loyal to her crew and devoted to her husband – pilot Wash.

Starbuck (Battlestar Gallactica)

She was originally a dude in the original Battlestar Galactica and became all woman in the remake. She drank, smoked and fought like a man. She was cocky, unapologetic, strong and cared enough to sacrifice her own life to save everyone.

Special Agent Dana Scully (The X-Files)

As the logical half of the duo, Scully based solving cases using science and logic.

Princess Leia

She watched her planet get destroyed. She’s the leader of the resistance. She is great with a gun and she killed Jabba the Hutt with her chains! Badassery.