Arcane Brought to Life in Immersive LA Event

Arcane: Welcome to the Underground is an immersive experience in LA from Secret Cinema that brings the world of Arcane League of Legends to life.

Guests will walk inside a large building. The first room is in Piltover, the city of progress.


There's a bridge that connects Piltover and Zaun, the undercity. Guests will see clips from the animated series projected on the walls.

The Bridge

Welcome to the Undercity. Zaun is a lively place filled with interesting characters and The Last Drop, a bar where you can order drinks including Shimmer.


Guests will get to meet characters from the Netflix show including Jinx, Vi, Silco and more. 

Arcane Characters

Guests got to be part of a faction, and their mission was to find Shimmer all around Zaun to rule. However, Silco is the current ruler.


Credit: Riot Games/Netflix

After the event, guests will be able to buy merchandise at the store.


The store sells masks, t-shirts, and other items. Participants can buy shirts representing their faction, r the Secret Cinema Arcane t-shirt.

Secret Cinema's Arcane: Welcome to the Undercity will be running for a limited time in Nov/Dec 2021.