Void Crew Is Now Available on Steam Early Access

John Nguyen

Void Crew is a new co-op space adventure from publisher Focus Entertainment and Danish indie studio Hutlihut Games where up to 4 of your friends can join to explore, loot and fight in outer space. The game is now available on Steam Early Access.

In Void Crew, you and your friends are the chosen ones and will be fighting against the Hollow, a mysterious threat. As a team, you are all tasked with bringing order to the galaxy through space battles. The game will test players’ communication skills and strategic thinking. Teamwork is very important. There are many tasks inside the ship including piloting, manning the turrets, repairing the ship, recharging the power cells and fabricating munitions, and completing missions outside like patching the ship’s hull or looking for useful items on a wrecked ship.

The Early Access game is now available for an early bird discount of 20% off for a limited time via the Steam Store.