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Zynga founder ‘bored with all games’

Zynga is known for creating the popular social media games, FarmVille. In an event held on Tuesday in Tel Aviv, Israel, and hosted by Garage Geeks, a non-profit organization helping out

Amaya wins the OnGame Network

For those who pay close attention to news in the online gaming community, much of the news over the past several month has revolved around the bidding war between competing

The gloves are off: EA vs. Zynga over copyright infringment

Zynga has been copying games from smaller developers and creating their own versions of it. One developer, Nimblebit, wasn’t too pleased. They released a sarcastic image dedicated to Zynga (which

Draw 6 billion of something

If you thought those Angry Birds were something, you haven’t seen anything yet. Draw Something has only been out a mere 50 days, and yet it has already amassed more

Developers Praise Zynga for Copying Their Game

I have to hand it to Nimblebit, the developers of Tiny Tower, for coming up with such a funny picture. They have found out that Zynga had copied their game

Zynga Too Big for Xbox Live

Zynga is a giant in the social networking game market with games like Farmville and Mafia Wars. Zynga Chief Game Designer Brian Reynolds says Xbox Live is small potatoes. Zynga