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If Justice League happens, Zack Snyder says he’ll be asked to direct

Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer recently mentioned that Zack Snyder was going to eventually direct the Justice League movie. It looks like that story is getting more legit, since Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder to direct Justice League? Plus Man of Steel to have DC Universe references

Art by NB We’ve got some exciting news and rumors for Zack Snyder and Man of Steel. Apparently, it seems like Zack Snyder is going to be directing the Justice

How powerful is Superman in Man of Steel?

Some folks have issues with Superman’s strength because he’s got god-like strength. He’s always as powerful as the writers make him out to be. In Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, he

300: Rise of an Empire logo released

As a follow up to Zack Snyder‘s 300 (based on Frank Miller‘s comic book miniseries), 300: Rise of an Empire tells the story of the Greek General Temistocles and his

Third Man of Steel trailer to appear in April

This is the year of Superman. With images and a trailer appearing in January, Warner Bros will be releasing another trailer in mid-April. Advanced ticket sales to the movie will

Zack Snyder possibly developing Star Wars spin-off for Lucasfilm?

As we wait for the announcement on who will be taking on the directorial duties of Star Wars: Episode VII, something else has been brewing over at Lucasfilm. According to Vulture,

Justice League news roundup: Joseph Gordon-Levitt reps deny Batman rumors; Zack Snyder hints at DC cinematic universe

We all know that Warner Bros holds Christopher Nolan with the highest regards. After all, Nolan was Warner’s first choice to direct the Justice League. Now, it seems that Warner Bros

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel to get 3D treatment

Our worst fears have come to play. In a statement from Warner Bros., Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel will now be in 3D…great. I would be okay with it

Superman gets endorsed by Nike in Man of Steel?

If you missed it, this past month Warner Brothers unveiled the official logo for the new Superman movie directed by Zack Snyder, Man of Steel. The image was released on

Blu-ray Review: Sucker Punch Extended Cut

Here is a drinking game to play with your friends. While watching Sucker Punch, take a drink every time there is an up-skirt panty shot. [UPDATE] Too many people have

Superman Villian Revealed! Michael Shannon Gets Cast as General Zod

At last, we finally know who Superman man will face in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Just announced, actor Michael Shannon will join the company of Henry Cavill, Dian Lane,

Zack Snyder Confirms 50% of The New Superman Movie will be in Slow Motion

During a recently interview at the Sucker Punch premier in Ajdabiya, Libya, Zack Snyder talked about how the upcoming live-action adaptation of Superman could possibly be his best film yet.

Nerd Reactor Podcast – Sucker Punch Review

Is reality a prison, or is it actually more intriguing than any heavily stylized Samurai, Mech-Warrior, Orc battle you can think of? The Nerd Reactor team takes on Zack Snyder’s

Zack Snyder Says ‘Superman’ Will Be His Most Realistic Movie Ever

Zack Snyder talked to Screen Rant about how he’s going to go about the visual style for Superman. He thinks its weird that a movie about a man flying will

Zack Snyder says Superman’s Suit will not be CG

Somewhere, Ryan Renolds feels jealous because he will never get a chance to actually wear the Green Lantern suit. In a recent interview with Zack Snyder, the director shot down

Superman Gets a Daddy: Kevin Costner Is Confirmed as Pa Kent

Deadline has confirmed that Kevin Costner has closed the deal to star as Johnathan Kent in Zack Snyder’s Superman. Now, the actor will join the sexy Diane Lane as the

Superman’s Mom is a MILF – Diane Lane Gets Cast as Martha Kent

Just announced today, actress Diane Lane will join the cast of Zack Snyder’s Superman. She will play opposite Kevin Costner as Martha Kent, Superman’s adoptive human mother. If Diane Lane

New Sucker Punch Posters: Hot Babes & Retro, Very Nice

Sucker Punch really loves marketing the posters, as you can see with these retro-style beauties embracing us today. Who can blame them, we have hot babes wielding guns and licking

Superman Movie Will Have the Man of Steel Getting Physical

It’s about time we get a Superman that can dish it out like the superhero he was meant to be. The last we saw him in live-action form, his greatest

Sucker Punch Trailer Shows Us that Imagination Can Get You Out of Asylum

I’m still excited about the movie, but the teaser trailer that premiered before was ten times more exciting and cool when I didn’t know what the story was about. The